Borderlands 3: All Story Missions List

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Borderlands 3 is a sprawling story that covers multiple planets throughout the galaxy. On each planet you will find a number of story missions to complete in order to advance the game’s main story. If you are interested in seeing all main story missions, check out our all story missions list below.

Borderlands 3 All Story Missions

Image showing some of the Borderlands 3 story missions list.
Some of the Borderlands 3 missions.

The story missions take place across a number of locations and consist of a total of 23 missions for you to beat the main story of Borderlands 3. If you playthrough the story you will complete all of the below listed missions:

  1. Children of the Vault.
  2. From the Ground Up.
  3. Cult Following.
  4. Taking Flight.
  5. Sanctuary.
  6. Hostile Takeover.
  7. The Impending Storm.
  8. Space-Laser Tag.
  9. Atlas, At Last.
  10. Beneath the Meridian.
  11. Hammerlocked.
  12. Lair of the Harpy.
  13. The Guns of Reliance.
  14. The Family Jewel.
  15. Going Rogue.
  16. Cold as the Grave.
  17. Blood Drive.
  18. Angels of Speed Demons.
  19. The Great Vault.
  20. The First Vault Hunter.
  21. Footsteps of Giants.
  22. In the Shadow of Starlight.
  23. Divine Retribution.

If you reach the end of this list you will have beaten Borderlands 3. This will open up a number of end game options for you to use.

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