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When you enter the High Rank portion of Monster Hunter World, you will learn about monster subspecies. Basically what these are, are monsters you’ve fought before, but they in a harder variant. One monster subspecies you will fight is the Black Diablos. Like the Diablos, the Black Diablos resides in Wildspire Waste, but is much harder to battle. To help you win the fight versus Black Diablos, use our Black Diablos guide below.

Black Diablos Information


Difficulty: 7⭐

Location: Wildspire Waste (HR Only)

Size: Large

Species: Flying Wyvern

Weak To:

  • Ice 3⭐
  • Water 2⭐

Breakable/Severable (Weak Points): Head (weak point), Tail (weak point), Front Legs

Material (Carves + High Rank Rewards): 

Carapace 5⭐
Ridge+ 4⭐
Fang 3⭐
Tailcase 3⭐
Medulla 3⭐
Gem ⭐
Ridge+ 4⭐
Carapace 4⭐
Fang 3⭐
M Hardbone 3⭐
Dash Extract 3⭐
Medulla 2⭐
Gem ⭐

Reward Money: NA – Optional

Hunting Quest: NA – Optional

Hunting Quest Text: NA – Optional

Characteristics: These black-shelled Diablos are actually female Diablos in heat. The color signals their aggressiveness and heightened hostility to other creatures in their habitat.

Useful Information: Diablos are much more aggressive against intruders when in heat, and are known to attack enemies in retreat. Do not let you guard down even if you think you’ve established a safe distance from these monsters.

Black Diablos Fight Guide

Video via Boss Fight Database

Main Fight Mechanics: Roar + Stun

Roar: Large monsters have the ability to roar. This ability disrupts whatever action the hunter was doing (stun locks you briefly). There’s not much you can do about it in the early game (you’ll get better armor perks later).

Stun: Black Diablos can attack and stun the hunter. This seems to occur most often when it charges. You need to either wait to be hit (by an ally or enemy).


Black Diablos has similar attacks to the Diablos, but is way more hard hitting than it’s more docile counterpart. Here are the attacks it will use:

*I attempted to grab all the attacks I saw. Let me know if I missed some in The Pit.

  • Charge – Lowers head and charges towards the hunter.
  • Charge + Headbutt – Same as the charge attack but is combined the headbutt attack at the end. This can easily one shot you.
  • Burrow – Like the Diablos, the Black Diablos while burrow into the ground and reemerge under the hunter. (There is dig path that shows where BD will appear).
  • Headbutt – When close to the head, Black Diablos can use a headbutt attack. This attacks sees the monster swing its head from left to right.
  • Tailwhip – When close to the tail, Black Diablos has a tail whip attack (tails swings to the left then right)
  • Shoulder Charge – Lowers shoulder and charges to the left or right (like a sidestep).
  • Jump -When down in the lower area of its lair (where there’s the waterfalls of sand), Black Diablos can go  behind the sand and jump out and attack you.

Fight Guide

This is easily one of the hardest monster you will face in MHW (like Nergigante level frustrating). The Black Diablos is fast and incredibly hard hitting (it can one shot you with one of its attacks). Without proper preparation it is pretty easy to lose and lose often, so hopefully I can help alleviate some of the problems.

  • Eat up – Head into the fight having eaten a meal from the Canteen (do this for every fight to make life easier).
  • Hit and Run – Black Diablos hits hard and fast, but also has huge windows you can use to attack. Try to stay as mobile as possible and then use these open windows to attack.
  • Run – Mobility helps a ton in avoiding Black Diablos charge and burrow attacks. Running away when BD starts these attacks seems to be a good strategy to avoid getting hit.
  • Rocksteady Mantle – The Rocksteady mantle is pretty useful for this fight. If you are gonna be farming BD, you may want to throw this in your inventory.
  • Fight is Optional: You don’t have to fight BD, so decide if it is worth the effort to you.
  • SOS – If you need to, send out an SOS and get some extra help from the MHW community.

Note: share your tips in the comments and I will add them here.

Diablos Nero α+β Set (Rarity 7)

Armor Requirements:

Human: All Materials are Black Diablos Carves/Drops unless noted.

  • Helm – 4x Ridge+, 2x Majestic Horn*, 1x Horn+, 1x Novacrystal*
  • Mail – 4x Carapace, 3x Ridge+, 1x Horn+, 2x Blos Medulla*
  • Braces – 4x Ridge+, 6x Carapace, 5x Carbalite Ore*, 5x Gastodon Carapace*
  • Coil – 4x Carapce, 3x Ridge+, 2x Diablos Tailcase*, 3x Gasrodon Horn*
  • Greaves – 6x Ridge+, 4x Carapace, 1x Horn+, 1x Wyvern Gem*

Set Bonuses:

  • 2 Pieces –  Diablos Mastery (Bludgeoner): Raises the attack as your weapon loses sharpness. Also boosts ranged weapon melee attacks and odd of stunning.
  • 4 Pieces Diablos Mastery (None-elemental Boost): Powers up non-elemental weapons you have equipped.

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This concludes our Black Diablos guide. Wish to add something? Drop a comment in The Pit below.


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  1. very angry hunter says:

    dafuq is this, not very usefull guide.. just listing what is in the “Hunter’s notes” and common sense stuff, no “bring screamer pod” or “hit the flying wyvern” to disturb Diablos’ dig. no tips about leading diablos to hit stone pillars to get his horn stuck.

    what kind of guide is “Running away when BD starts these attacks seems to be a good strategy to avoid getting hit.”
    or “go fire up SOS because I can’t write an actual usefull guide to help you get better, so get someone else to carry your ass”

    Sorry I’m just expressing what I feel when I was reading the “Fight Guide”

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