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The final mission in Wrath of the Druids is called The Cost of Betrayal. This mission begins the moment you return to Dublin after confronting Eogan. Before heading into this mission keep in mind there is a dialogue selection moment that effects the outcome of the game’s ending. To help you navigate this final ending mission see our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla The Cost of Betrayal guide below.

Travel to Durrow

Once you have control of Eivor after the cutscenes you will be in Dublin. To complete this mission you need to travel to Durrow. Head there now via fast travel. In Durrow make your way inside the church and open both doors to trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene you will be able to respond. This sequence has no effect on the ending.

Talk to Ciara

After the cutscene head outside and go to Ciara’s house after speaking to the guard. When you enter the house you will trigger a cutscene with Ciara. During this cutscene you will be be betrayed by Ciara and will pass out. After you come to Flann will appear before you.

Follow Flann to Tara then Fight Soldiers then Possessed Flann

While you and Flann are speaking a earthquake shakes the house. The nearby ritual site is now active. Flann will head to Tara so follow him on your mount. When you arrive at there is another cutscene. During this cutscene you will encounter Ciara, who has activated the stone. Form the stone comes a number of dead soldiers. Defeat the soldiers to trigger another cutscene. Flann will become possessed and you will need to fight him as a boss battle.

Defeat Ciara and Select Ending

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Upon defeating Flann you will need to fight against Ciara in a second boss battle. Wittle Ciara’s health down to half to trigger a cutscene. After this cutscene Ciara will summon specters to power up the stone. Kill the specters then fight Ciara. Defeat Ciara to trigger another cutscene. During this cutscene you choose the DLC’s ending by selecting one of two options:

  1. An honorable death.
  2. I can’t kill you.

Depending on your selection you will get one of two possible endings. The ending you get has no impact on unlocking the Ireland’s Deliverance Trophy/Achievement. The cutscene you see after making your selection will end the main story of the DLC. You are still free to roam after the game is complete.

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