Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Skadi’s Blade Unlock Guide

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Thanks to update 1.2.2 of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla there is now a new game mode players can take part in called Mastery Challenge. This game mode tasks end-game players with completing special objectives in small missions. To celebrate this event Ubisoft is holding a special Ubisoft Connect challenge to unlock an ice axe. For further details see our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Skadi’s Blade unlock guide below.

Ubisoft Connect Skadi’s Blade Weekly Challenge

Image showing the Ubisoft Connect Skadi's Blade Weekly Challenge.

Each week there is a selection of challenges players of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla can complete for rewards. These challenges are found under the Ubisoft Connect menu in-game. On this menu go to Challenges > Weekly Challenges and scroll down until you find the Skadi’s Blade challenge. Keep in mind this is a weekly challenge so it expires on June 22nd.

How to Get Skadi’s Blade

Image showing how to get Skadi's Blade in AC Valhalla.

To get this special ice axe for yourself you will need to take part in the new game mode called Mastery Challenge. This mode is only available to players who are Power Level 221+ that have completed the mission Uninvited Guests. Once you’ve met these requirements you will unlock a special mission called A Challenge From the Gods. This mission unlocks the Mastery Challenge mode.

Now unlocking the Mastery Challenge mode is the first step to unlocking the weapon. The second step is far more difficult. To get the axe you need to complete one challenge for a Gold Medal. This means you need to have a near perfect run on a trial.

I personally grinded the the Wenlocan Outpost Wolf trial. This trial is fairly easy to complete. Simply focus on only shooting explosive barrels and nets when enemies are around them. Defeat all the enemies with secondary damage will net you a gold. Once you snag a Gold Medal simply claim the Skadi’s Blade from the Challenge menu to add it to your inventory.

Skaldi’a Blade Perks

The Skaldi’s Blade is a Mythical Dan Axe named after the Jotun of winter. This axe has a perk that increases Light Damage when close to Full Health. The blade is interesting looking as it is covered in ice. This is one of the more unique looking weapons in the game. It can be upgraded stat wise, but the final appearance is unlocked from the beginning.

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