Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Manius’s Sanctum Tomb Guide

In the Tombs of the Fallen update for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla there are new tombs players can complete to earn rewards. These tombs feature a variety of challenges to complete focused on solving puzzles. The first tomb you must do features one puzzle room to complete. To help you complete this tomb see our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Manius’s Sanctum guide below.

Where to find the Manius’s Sanctum Tomb

Image showing where to find the Manius's Sanctum tomb in AC Valhalla.

The first tomb you must complete is accessed by speaking to the Norse Woman in your settlement. Once you speak to this NPC the first tomb will be highlighted. It is across the river roughly 150 meters. Once you reach the marker interact with the symbol to reveal the entrance to the tomb. Before heading in you may wish to read the note left by the entrance. When ready proceed forward.

How to Complete Manius’s Sanctum

Make your way forward in the tomb until you reach a large hole. Go down the hole to the bottom either by diving into the the hay or climbing down. Head through the tunnel here deeper into the area. Follow the path forward through the crack in the wall to reach the puzzle room.

Pressure Plates Puzzle Room

Image showing the pressure plate puzzle room in Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Manius Tomb.

When you enter this room you will notice two pressure plates on the floor in front of you and a locked gate. The first thing you should do is shoot the wood wall on the right. Go through the opening and grab the statue there. Drag it to the first pressure plate.

Once you’ve positioned the statue look to the wall ahead of you to find a hole. Climb up through this hole to reach a lever. Pull the lever to drop a carry-able orb item. Pick up the item and take it to the second pressure plate in the room with the gate. This will open the gate leading to the next room.

Final Tomb Room and Workshop

Climb your way over or zipline down to the tables below. Interact with the large wall to trigger a cutscene showing a map of England and some marked tombs. After you’ve done this inspect the table near the map to collect Manius’s Workshop key. Use this key to open the locked door in the final room. Go to the end of the workshop and run across the spike trap to reach a chest containing the Fallen Hero Cape.

Once you collect this piece of armor you will have completed the first tomb. This will unlock the Spelunker trophy/achievement. This tomb is fairly easy to complete with the next ones being much harder.

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