Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Boudicca Tomb Guide

Once you’ve visited the Manius’s Sanctum tomb you are free to go to any of the three other tombs. If you head to the east you will reach the Boudicca Tomb. This tomb features puzzles to complete and rewards to collect. To help you complete this location see our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Boudicca Tomb guide below.

Where to find the Boudicca Tomb

Image showing the map location of the Boudicca Tomb in AC Valhalla.

Directly to the east of Raventhorpe along the coast you will find this tomb. It is located at the map marker shown above. Like the other tombs the entrance is covered by a rock that is sealed with a symbol. Interact with the symbol to reveal the tombs entrance. Outside the tomb there is a note you can read. This speaks of illusions. Once you are ready to begin head into the tomb.

How to Complete the Boudicca Tomb

Follow the linear path down and forward. You will encounter a few obstacles including blocked doors spiked traps. Destroy the blocked doors when needed and run across the spike traps to avoid getting poked. Once you reach the bottom you will enter the puzzle room where you must solve a puzzle to reach the treasure.

Puzzle Room

Inside the puzzle room there are four pressure plates you must trigger to open the gate. They are located on the right, left, and center. I will explain the solutions for each plate below.

  • Left: Destroy the wood panel on your left to reveal a hidden room. Go into the room and grab the statue. Drag it to the plate
  • Right: Climb the wall on the right. Destroy wood panel on the floor (don’t go down yet). Climb up higher to reach a cog. Turn the cog. Go down the hole you revealed. Drag statue to plate.
  • MR: Once you’ve completed both of these head further into the room by crossing the gap. In the middle area you will have and option to go right or left. Go to the right. Follow the path until you reach a lever. Pull the lever so the orb drops. Pick up the orb and take it. Go through the hole in the wall then run through the poison room. Continue forward until you eventually reach a portion where you have to jump across a gap. Throw the ball onto the wall above then jump and climb. Pick up the orb and head back to the pressure plate.
  • ML: Head to the left and destroy the barricade. Go forward until you reach a lever. Pull the lever and grab the orb. Take the orb and head along the path leading to the right when facing away from the lever. Follow the path until you reach a platform that appears to be a dead end. Drop the orb and grab the stone pillar that is nearby. Drag it over to the platform so you can use it to jump across. Jump across then drop the orb. Pull the pillar over to the stone ramp. Pick up the orb and get onto the pillar. Throw it into the hole in the wall above. Jump across. Pick it back up and go through the hole in the wall. Throw orb across the poison pit and jump across after. Return to pressure plate and place.

Once you do all of this the gate will open and you will gain access to the final room. Before you can get to it you need to solve the final puzzle. There is two platforms one high and one low. Jump onto the low platform and pick up the stones on it. Throw them off. Get off the platform and wait for it to rise. Use the right one to cross when it is low enough.

Final Tomb Room

Make your way through this final room until you reach a crypt. In this crypt you will trigger a cutscene. In this cutscene you will meet Boudicca. After Boudicca speaks to you he will disappear. Loot both of the treasure chests nearby to receive the Fallen Hero Boots and Greaves. This ends the tomb.

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  1. Madison says:

    The platform doesn’t rise after taking the stones off

  2. Joran S. says:

    This is a great guide but it seems my game has glitched, because I can’t place the weight orb on the left side pressure plate as you’re facing the tomb door. It showed an interact icon initially, but when I clicked to interact, it didn’t place properly. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks

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