Assassin’s Creed Valhalla A Scourging of Snakes Guide

The second to last mission of the Wrath of the Druids expansion is A Scourging of Snakes. This mission is unlocked upon defeating The Seed. This Children of Duna target drops a note that reveals who The Oak is. You will faceoff against this enemy at the end of this mission. To help you complete the mission use our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla A Scourging of Snakes guide below.

Regroup at Flann’s Camp

Once you takedown The Seed and read the note he drops you will get a new quest. This first step in this quest is to regroup at Flann’s Camp. Go to the camp that is located in Ulster and meet with Flann in his tent. This will trigger a cutscene. Following the cutscene you will get the next quest objective.

Speak to Flann

Leave the tent and head over to Flann. Speak to him and if ready to do so pick the Yes. Begin the attack selection. This will trigger the final battle which is a siege on Eogan’s castle, Armagh.

Assault Armagh

When you have control of Eivor run forward and the castle bridge will drop. Head into the first courtyard. In this area defeat all of the enemies to advance forward. Once the courtyard is clear head over to the next gate and shoot down the ladder. Climb up it and raise the gate using the lever system there.

Once the gate is open head into the village area. Here you need to burn the various buildings there. Use your torches to light the buildings roof’s on fire. Once the majority of the village is burning head over to the inner gate to meetup with Flann.

At the gate you will be prompted to open it. Unfortunately you can’t. Instead use the lift to the left of it to be carried up onto the wall above it. Drop down below and knock both locks off to open the gate. When you open it enemies will swarm as it was a trap. Take them out and go inside the church. Force open the door to trigger a cutscene.

The Oak

Image showing The Oak in AC Valhalla.

Inside the church you will come face to face with Eogan who is actually The Oak. After the cutscene ends you will be in a 3v2 fight against Eogan and two of his henchmen. You will have Flann on your side to assist you. Defeat The Oak and the two enemies to trigger another cutscene.

After this cutscene is over you will be back in Dublin. There is one final mission to complete called The Cost of Betrayal. This mission dictates how the game “ends.”

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