Animal Crossing New Horizons: What’s New in the Earth Day Update

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons received a new update to celebrate Earth Day (Version 1.2). In this new update Nintendo added a number of new additions to their wildly popular island sim game in the form of new shops, museum space, and more. If you wanted to learn more about this new update you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading below to learn what’s new in the Earth Day update. (Status: WIP).

Earth Day Event Timeline: April 23 – May 5.

Leif’s Garden Shop is Open for Business

Image showing Leif's Garden Shop in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Note: Leif appears on the first Friday of the Earth Day event.

One of the major new additions in the Earth Day update is the character of Leif coming to the island. If you are new to the series, Leif is a returning character that happens to be a sloth. This business minded sloth runs a garden shop in the island square that sells various garden-y items:

  • 6x Flower Seeds (of various types).
  • 4x Bushes (new addition to game).

Like other vendors in the game Leif appears on fixed schedule and updates his wares each time he comes to visit. Also note that Leif will buy Weeds from you for a higher price than you would get from Nook’s Cranny (20 Bells per).

Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler is in Port

Image showing the Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Note: Jolly Redd appears after speaking to Blathers about the Art Gallery expansion.

Another popular NPC from the series, Redd, makes his first appearance in ACNH via the new Earth Day Update. This foxxy merchant sells various artwork of legal and fake varieties out of a ship that moors on your island’s secret spot (away from the prying eyes of Tom Nook). Some of the treasures you can purchase from this merchant include:

  • Paintings.
  • Sculptures.
  • Furniture.

If you are worried about the validity of the treasures you are purchasing from Redd you can inspect each item to look for anything suspicious.

The Museum Gets an Art Gallery Expansion

Image showing the Animal Crossing New Horizons Art Gallery.

Since you can now purchase legal and illegal artwork from Redd you may want to display what you purchased in a more professional setting. This can now be done thanks to an expansion at the Museum called The Art Gallery. To unlock the new expansion you need to first find Redd and purchase a piece of art from him. After this is done you can donate it to Blathers to get the expansion. The Museum will close for 1 IRL day to add the expansion. At the Art Gallery you can show off various pieces of artwork you may collect over your playthrough of the game.

Tom Nook Has Special Earth Day Nook Miles+ Challenges for You to Complete

Image showing the Animal Crossing New Horizons Earth Day Nook Miles+ challenges.

In celebration of Earth Day Tom Nook is doing what he does best and that’s putting you to work. Players looking to stock up on Nook Miles will get the chance to do just that through the new Earth Day Nook Miles daily challenges. These new Earth Day Nook Miles challenges can be viewed on the Nook Miles screen of your phone. So far the challenges we’ve seen are:

  • Plant 3 Shrub Starts (1,000¬†Nook Miles).
  • Plant 3 (Specific Flower) Seeds (1000 Nook Miles).
  • Send Gratitude with Flowers (1000 Nook Miles).
  • Decorate with 1 Flower (750 Nook Miles).
  • Get Stylin’ by Wearing Flowers (750 Nook Miles).
  • Craft Fencing for Beautiful Gardens (750 Nook Miles).
  • Weave Flowers to Craft a Wreath (600 Nook Miles).
  • Tree Transplantation (500 Nook Miles).

Like other daily challenges you can complete the above mentioned activities to earn Nook Miles. There is also a special reward for you to earn if you complete them. Note these Earth Day Nook Miles daily challenges run for the span of the event.

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