Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Start the Wedding Season Event

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It’s now June and that means wedding season in not just the real world, but also Animal Crossing New Horizons. From June 1 – 30 there is a special weddings themed event for players to take part in. To learn how to start the wedding season event use our guide below.

Visit Harv’s Island in June

Image showing the Animal Crossing New Horizons wedding event.

Once your island hits June on your island you should be contacted by Harvey on your cell phone. During this interaction Harvy tells you he needs help getting special wedding photos made for a certain couple. To offer your assistance you will need to make your way to Harv’s island through the Airport on your island. To go to Harv’s Island speak to Orville and select I Wanna Fly > Visit Harv’s Island.

On Harv’s Island head to where you see Harvey, Reese and Cyrus, talking. When you approach the trio you will trigger a short cutscene sequence. During this sequence you learn the couple wants wedding photos and you will need to decorate the photos backdrop. This triggers the start of the seasonal event.

That’s all you need to know to get started on the wedding event in Animal Crossing New Horizons. This event takes place across the entire month of June so check out our complete guide to the event here.

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