Animal Crossing New Horizons: Wedding Photos Event Guide

June is wedding season and that means its time for weddings in Animal Crossing New Horizons. This seasonal event runs from June 1 – 30 and tasks players with taking photos of Cyrus and Reese on Harv’s Island. To help you complete this event and earn all of its rewards use our wedding photos event guide below.

How to Start the Wedding Event

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When it’s June on your island (and you have the most recent game update) you will receive a phone call from Harvey about visiting his island to help him. To reach the island make your way to your Airport and fly to Harv’s. Once on the island you will see Harv, Cyrus and Reese talking to each other. Approach the trio to start the wedding event.

How to Complete the Wedding Event Photo-Shoot

Image showing how to complete the Wedding Event Photo-Shoot in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Note: Each day you need to speak to Harvey about the wedding photos to start the event.

To complete the wedding event you will want to take daily pictures of Cyrus and Reese on Harv’s Island. Each day you speak to the couple they will give you a certain photo theme. The themes you will get from the couple are as follows:

  • Ceremony.
  • Reception.
  • Reception-Style Party.
  • Chic.
  • Garden.
  • Cute.

To complete the above themes you simply need to place items from Cyrus in the room and then take photos of the couple. This can be done using the Placement mode like you do inside your house. While placing items note it appears that placement doesn’t matter but color and amount of itmes does. If you want to get the best outcome of each photo-shoot be sure to use items of the colors Reese tells you.

Each time you complete a photo-shoot you will earn a wedding themed item and a new currency called Heart Crystals. This new currency can be exchanged with Cyrus to purchase different seasonal items.

To complete the seasonal event you will want to participate at least six times so you trigger the Reception-Style Party. During this sequence you will be able to hold a party with Cyrus, Reese, and villagers you invite. Once the party is over you will unlock the last few items including Villager posters, the Wedding Wand, and the Reese & Cyrus photo plate.

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