Amulet Coin in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Amulet Coin in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

In Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet there are a number of very useful items that players can earn. These items do a wide variety of things. This post looks at the Amulet Coin in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet item. This items is especially useful for players who want to make as much money as possible since it doubles the money earned from battles. To learn more about the Amulet coin see our guide below.

How to Get the Amulet Coin?

To get the Amulet Coin in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet you need to speak to the League Rep at the Medali (East) Poke Center. This rep tasks you with defeating 5 Pokemon trainers in the West Province (Area Three) area. To easily accomplish this challenge you want to have a team of Pokemon Level 30+ or higher.

Upon defeating 5 Pokemon Trainers in the West Province (Area Three) area return to the League Rep and speak to him. He congratulates you on your efforts and gives you the Amulet Coin as your reward.

What does the Amulet Coin Do?

The Amulet Coin is a very useful item for players looking to make more money from Pokemon Battles. This item, when held by a Pokemon, doubles the amount of prize money the player receives for winning. The only stipulation for this item to work is that the Pokemon holding it must be sent into the battle at least once.

Using this item, especially on Gym Leaders or during the Academy Ace Tournament, can net you a pretty significant amount of money. Just be sure to put the Pokemon in that is holding the Amulet Coin at least once.

There are a number of other useful items you should grab while on your Pokemon journey. These items include the False Swipe TM that makes catching Pokemon easier, the Bottle Caps and Gold Bottle Cap for Hyper Training, and Sweet Herba Mystica.

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