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There are a number of side quests for players to complete in Control. These side quests typically involve boss fights and exploration you wouldn’t find simply playing through the main story. One mission you can easily miss is the A Matter of Time side mission. Check out our A Matter of Time guide below.

A Matter of Time Starting Location

Image showing the start of the A Matter of Time side quest.

To start the A Matter of Time mission make your way to the Logistics room in the Containment Sector. To reach this location make your way through the doors by the large map of the US. Head up the stairs here and speak to Horowitz who is in front of the Shelter. Horowitz will give you the A Matter of Time side quest.

Traverse the Oceanview Motel

Image showing how to Traverse the Oceanview Motel.

After Horowitz dies you will get your next objective which is to traverse the Oceanview Motel. To do this enter the yellow doorway to the left of Horowitz and pull the light switch 3x times. This will transport you to the Oceanview Motel.

Inside the motel make your way to the front desk. On the front desk you will find a clock next to the bell. When you ring the bell the clock changes. Make note of the time on the clock and set the corresponding room with that time. Once you’ve put the time into all three clocks, return to the front desk to get the keys. Go back to the entrance and open the locked door. Pull the lightswitch 3x times to reach a new area.

Find the Missing Medic

Image showing Wells the missing medic.

In this new area you need to find a missing medic. Head into the next room and take out the enemies around the Control Point. Cleanse the Control Point then head up the stairs to find the medic. Speak to him and you gain your next objective which is to protect the medic as you escort him back to Horowitz.

Escort the Missing Medic

Image showing where to go while escorting the missing medic.

Follow the medic and cover him from the enemies that attack you. Eventually you will reach a locked gate. To find your way around this gate climb up the pile of clocks to a maintenance walkway. Follow the walkway around and drop down and open the gate. Continue forward until you reach return to Horowitz in the Logistics area to trigger a boss fight.

Boss: Hiss-Corrupted Horowitz

Image showing the Boss: Hiss-Corrupted Horowitz.

Horowitz has been corrupted by Hiss. This means he will attack you when you approach him. Horowitz is a fairly simple boss fight as he acts similar to Hiss Guard but with a shield. Wells, the missing medic, will help you take down Horowitz during the fight.

Once you take down Horowitz speak to Wells to end this side mission. For completing this side mission you will earn 2 Ability Points, a mod, and some materials. You will also trigger a new side quest called The Enemy Within.

This concludes our A Matter of Time guide. Leave me your questions or comments in The Pit below. Thanks for reading!



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