The Enemy Within Guide – Control Side Quest

After you complete the mission A Matter of Time you will unlock this side mission. In this side mission you are tasked with taking out an Anchor Altered item in the Sealed Threshold. Read more about this mission in our The Enemy Within guide below.

Investigate the Safe Room

Image showing the Shelter in the Sealed Threshold hall.

To start this mission make your way to the Sealed Threshold Entrance Control Point. From this control point make your way to the Sealed Threshold Hall. Inside the hall make your way to the Shelter along the south wall. Enter the Safe Room and make your way to the end of it to reach an Anchor. When you reach the Anchor a boss fight will trigger.

Boss: Anchor

Image showing the boss Anchor.

The boss fight with Anchor is fairly straightforward. To defeat this enemy you want to throw objects at it when its mouth is open to shoot clocks out. If you hit Anchor when the mouth is open you will deal serious damage. Rinse and repeat this until Anchor is dead. For killing Anchor you unlock the Living Archetypes Trophy.

Contain the Anchor

Image showing how to contain the Anchor.

After you’ve defeated Anchor make your way over to the Anchor that appears. Cleanse the Anchor to complete this side quest. For completing this quest you earn 3 Ability Points, a mod, and some materials.

This concludes our The Enemy Within guide. Let me hear your comments and suggestions in The Pit below. Thanks for reading.


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