5 Things to Do After Beating Katana ZERO

Katana ZERO is an interesting mind trip that eventually comes to an end. When you beat the samurai themed title you may be wondering what to do next. Here are 5 things to do after beating Katana ZERO. SPOILERS BELOW!

Speedrun the Game

When you complete Katana ZERO for the first time you unlock a couple of new modes. The first mode is a speedrun mode. This mode tests your skill by seeing how fast you can beat the game. Depending on how you do determines what award you receive at the end. To earn gold you need to beat the game in under 29 minutes. The speedrun game mode can be accessed on the main menu. Get running!

Do a Hard Mode Run

Another mode that is unlocked upon completing Katana ZERO is Hard mode. In this mode there are a number of changes to the game including new enemies, new boss mechanics, new level layouts and more. If you want to mix things up a bit, do a Hard mode run. Hard mode can be accessed under speedrun on the game’s main menu.

Fight the Hidden Boss

If you didn’t know, or missed it during your first playthrough, there is a hidden boss in Katana ZERO. This boss is the Psychiatrist. In order to access the fight you need to complete a number of steps during a playthrough. We have a guide detailing the process here. I highly suggest fighting this boss as it is weird and fun encounter.

Achievement Hunt

Katana ZERO Achievements Guide

Katana ZERO features a total of 22 achievements for players to collect. These achievements range from simple to more complicated to unlock. If you are a fan of getting the most out of your games, try to unlock all achievements. Many of them requires a few playthroughs to unlock. See more information in our Katana ZERO achievements guide.

Unlock all Swords

How to Unlock Different Swords in Katana ZERO

While you may have completed Katana ZERO, you may not know that there are actually five swords for you to unlock during your playthrough. These swords are different from the katana and add number of effects to the game. The five swords you can unlock are:

  • Prism Sword.
  • Sword of Masters.
  • Savant Knife.
  • Claymore Prototype.
  • Phoenix Edge.

Each of the above swords features an interesting look and gameplay change. Unlock them all with our swords guide.

Wait for DLC to Drop

Katana ZERO ends on a major cliffhanger that’s basically to be continued. While the form of this continuation has yet to be announced, I am confident we will see some DLC drop for this game. Until then we must wait patiently.

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