Katana ZERO Achievements Guide

Katana ZERO Achievements Guide

There are a total of 19 achievements for players (now 22 with the new update) to unlock in the indie title Katana ZERO. These achievements range from the simple to more obscure. Below you will find our Katana ZERO achievement guide. Guide Status: Complete (22/22).

Achievement: Prism Key (Tutorial)

Achievement Prism Key (Tutorial)
Achievement Prism Key (Tutorial)

Achievement Description: “Most people go right. You went left.”

To get the Prism Key item and achievement, start the factory mission and go left instead of right as soon as the mission starts (you will need to jump on a couple of buildings to get back up to the area. Loot the body on the far left to get the Prism Key.

Achievement: Don’t Hang Up! (Tutorial)

Achievement: Don't Hang Up!

Achievement Description: “In 1962, the Orlons released one of the all-time greatest doo wop hits, Don’t Hang Up. Google it. Anyway, you hung up your phone a lot.”

At the beginning of the game you will receive a phone call in a hallway. If you want to unlock an achievement, simply continue hanging up this phone call (this is done by selecting the hang up choice) until the person on the phone gets angry. This will unlock the Don’t Hang Up! achievement.

Achievement: Master Key (Murdower Hotel)

Achievement Master Key
Achievement Master Key

Achievement Description – “You stopped a suicide. With a murder.”

Pick up the statue before the target (seen above) and throw it at the target after opening the door but before stepping out onto the balcony. This will kill the target. Loot his body to get the Master Key item and achievement.

Achievement: What a Bad Idea (Murdower Hotel)

Achievement: What a Bad Idea

Achievement Description: “Jump off the balcony of the penthouse.”

At the end of the Murdower Hotel mission you will arrive on a large balcony. Jump off the balcony to get the what a bad idea achievement.

Achievement: Refused Medication (Club Neon)

Achievement Refused Medication (Club Neon)

Achievement Description: “This will go well…”

To get this achievement you need to playthrough the Club Neon mission. During this mission you are told to not speak with the DJ. Speak to the DJ to learn about the drugs and see him get shot. After the mission is over, speak with the psychiatrist about the drug. Keep refusing the drug until your are told to leave. You will get the achievement.

Achievement: Prototype Key (Prison)

Achievement: Prototype Key (Prison)

Achievement Description: “Fulfilled your secondary goal in the prison.”

During the Prison level, don’t kill a single police officer (or kill all the police officers if you refused the drug). After the mission you will find the Prototype Key waiting near your apartment.

Achievement: Party Animal (Studio 51)

Achievement Party Animal (Studio 51)

Achievement Description: “Why did you think it was a good idea to give him your Katana anyway? .”

Give your sword to the guy in the stretch hummer limo and then beat the opening room of Studio 51. Retrieve your sword by the elevator to get the achievement.

Achievement: Coffin Head (Studio 51)

Achievement Coffin Head

Achievement Description – “You killed a suspiciously familiar character on the Quiet Hills set.”

During the Studio 51 level, you will enter the Quiet Hills set. After you pick up the blue keycard and head back to the elevator you will run into a coffin headed enemy. Kill the enemy to get the Coffin Head achievement.

Achievement: No Love for Robots (Studio 51)

Achievement No Love for Robots.

Achievement Description: “Poor guy.”

During the Studio 51 level, you will enter the A Space Uncertain set. On this set there is a robot. The robot will speak to you about being programmed to kill all humans. Spare the robot’s life. Complete the set (get the yellow keycard) and return to the robot. The robot will thank you for sparing it. It will self-destruct. This will unlock the No Love for Robots achievement.

Achievement: Beatdown (Studio 51)

Achievement Beatdown (Studio 51)

Achievement Description: “You ruined his fresh track suit.”

At the end of the Studio 51 level you will fight V. During this fight you need to not get killed. After you deliver four blows to V you will get the achievement. To do this easily roll to his back when he is shooting and attack it. You can reload the boss fight at any time by going to the main menu, selecting continue and then continue from previous level.

Achievement: Phoenix Key (Mansion)

Achievement: Phoenix Key (Mansion)
Found what the robber left behind.

Achievement Description: “Found what the robber left behind.”

In the mansion level there is a large area with multiple rooms. Inside one of the rooms you will see a robber going through something on the floor. Leave the robber alone. Clear the floor then just wait for the robber to leave. Go into the room the robber was in and interact with the sack on the floor to get the Phoenix Key item and achievement.

Achievement: The End (Chinatown)

Achievement The End

Achievement Description: “Meet your final end in chinatown.”

At the end of the Chinatown mission there is a standoff with the police. During this standoff you will experience a cutscene. In this cutscene the two masked men will appear to you. Try to kill the masked man to get The End achievement.

Achievement: The Dragon’s Tape (Prison)

Achievement: The Dragon's Tape (Prison)

Achievement Description: “Complete The Dragon’s tape.”

After you make it out of Chinatown alive, you and your neighbor will go pick up some movies. During this cutscene you will fall asleep. This will put you into The Dragon’s Tape which is the events of the prison, prior to you arriving there. Complete the tape to unlock this achievement.

Achievement: Savant Key

Achievement: Savant Key

Achievement Description: “Didn’t wake up Leon.”

The Savant Key is the hardest key to get in Katana ZERO as it requires avoiding three different events during the Slaughterhouse mission. These three events involve a character named Leon (he’s the one on the TV screens). To get the key you need to avoid waking him up. The three events are as follows.

Savant Key Event 1 – Cut Wire

Savant Key Event 1 - Cut Wire

In this room you need to cut the wire before Leon locks you in. You have a few seconds to react once the door is opened. Cut the wire and continue deeper into the level. You know you’ve done it correctly if you do not get sniped in the next rooms.

Savant Key Event 2 – Avoid Cameras

Savant Key Event 2 - Avoid Cameras

In this room you will see four cameras on the ceiling. These cameras can be avoided by rolling into the center area then rolling past the last two. It is kind of a pain, but you can continually restart until you get it. If done correctly, Leon will not appear on the screen and you will not have to fight any enemies.

Savant Key Event 3 – Avoid Cameras

Achievement: Savant Key

The final event takes place right after event 2. Like event 2 you need to avoid the cameras in this room and make it to the other side. Once you do this, the Savant Key can be found in the area below with all the explosives.

Achievement: Secret Hunter

Achievement Secret Hunter

Achievement Description: “Found all the hidden keys.”

Collect all five hidden keys in Katana ZERO:

  1. Prism Key – Level 1.
  2. Master Key – Level 2.
  3. Prototype Key – Level 3.
  4. Phoenix Key – Level 7.
  5. Savant Key – Level 11.

These keys open up doors in the Gov’t Lab level (level 12). You get the key to this level off the Psychiatrist in level 11. Behind each door in the Gov’t Lab is different swords.

Achievement: Forbidden Ultimate Danger Tempest-Eyed MAJORDOMO Imperial Barrage Crab, Evixion (Hotel & Bunker)

Achievement Forbidden Ultimate Danger Tempest-Eyed MAJORDOMO Imperial Barrage Crab, Evixion (Hotel & Bunker)

Achievement Description: “Your trap card was activated.”

To get this achievement is a two parter. First make your way to the Murdower Hotel and speak with the receptionist there. During this interaction you are going to tell her the following.

  1. I’ll just be on my way.
  2. It’s called cosplay.
  3. Obviously Shinju Sakamura from Ex Vs X – Sakura reDUX 2.
  4. Childrens card games in a cyberpunk dystopia.
  5. Uh, sure.
  6. Thanks.

After you’ve spoken with the receptionist, complete the level. At the end she will cover for you with the police calling you Shinju Sakamura.

Achievement Forbidden Ultimate Danger Tempest-Eyed MAJORDOMO Imperial Barrage Crab, Evixion (Hotel & Bunker)

Now that the receptionist knows us as a cosplayer, make your way to the bunker level (level 10). Before you enter the bunker you will run into the receptionist once again. Tell her the following:

  1. Can I just go?
  2. I can’t show you my ID card… But I can show you my trap card.
  3. Heh, it’s a challenge alright.
  4. Throw out whatever card you want.
  5. Throw out whatever card you want.
  6. You just activated my trap card.

Upon the defeat of the receptionist you will receive this achievement and the joy of crushing your opponent in a children’s card game. FeelsGoodMan.

Achievement: Funny Prank (Bunker)

Achievement Funny Prank (Bunker)
Achievement Funny Prank (Bunker)

About halfway through the buker level (level 10), there is a molotov on a table by a melee enemy. Grab the molotov and clear the room (don’t use it). Enter the next elevator down and throw the molotov against the wall/ceiling so it kills you. You will get the Funny Prank achievement.

Achievement: Psychotherapy (Bunker PT2)

Achievement Psychotherapy

Achievement Description: “Defeat the psychiatrist’s final form.”

How to reach the Psychiatrist hidden boss (do all of this in a row).

  1. Level 1 – Hang up multiple times during Factory phone call. Answer with hello and complete mission.
  2. Ask for medicine during session.
  3. Level 2 – Piss off receptionist at hotel. Complete mission.
  4. Ask for medicine during session.
  5. Level 3 – Talk to DJ Electrohead in the booth about the drugs.
  6. Refuse medicine during session.
  7. Level 4 – Kill all the police during the prison level.
  8. Tell Psychiatrist “F*ck You.” during Chinatown session.

If you do the following you will get a different outcome during the Bunker Part 2 Psychiatrist sequence. Instead of bludgeoning the Psychiatrist to death, you will have to face him in a boss battle. Beat him to get the Psychotherapy achievement.

Achievement: To Be Continued

Achievement To Be Continued

Achievement Description: “Beat Katana ZERO.”

Beat all 11 levels in Katana ZERO to unlock this achievement.

Achievement: Gold Medal

Achievement Description: “Achieve a total rank of gold or higher in a full speedrun..”

In the first major update of Katana ZERO, the studio has introduced a new speedrunning mode. Attached to this mode is the Gold Medal achievement. Complete the speedrun in under 29 minutes to unlock this achievement. Check out the video by Fivda to see how it’s done.

Achievement: Hardmode

Image showing the hard mode in Katana ZERO.

Achievement Description: “Complete a full run in hard mode.”

Alongside the speedrun mode, the developers have also released a new Hardmode. This mode features new enemies, reworked levels and bosses, and all new challenges. This mode can be accessed under the speedrun mode on the main menu (must have beaten the game once). Complete a run of hard mode to get the achievement.

Achievement: Feline Persuasion

Image showing how to get the Feline Persuasion achievement in Katana ZERO.

Achievement Description: “You really liked petting that cat.”

In the Factory Hideout level there is a cat on the desk in the first room. Pet it until it leaves. This will unlock the achievement.

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7 responses

  1. Michael Earnest says:

    I got under 29 minutes for my speedrun, but only received a silver. (Proof: https://imgur.com/JFpWF8R). It is possible you need under 28? Or that the number of deaths is somehow a factor?

    • Michael Earnest says:

      Actually, it is even more complicated; I just got a gold rank with a slower time and more deaths then the above screenshot. The original was 28:42, 41 deaths, silver, and this one (https://i.imgur.com/gEFhUGZ.png) is 28:52, 44 deaths, but gold. This means the medals you get for each individual level must somehow be a factor.

      • Kian says:

        I know I am late, but each level has a different amount of deaths allotted. So say in the first level you get 5 deaths and a copper medal, but in the next level you get 5 deaths and a silver. It is different per level, longer ones generally allow more deaths.

  2. Brian says:

    There’s a couple new ones since the update at the end of last month.

    Gold Medal – “achieve a rank of gold or higher” in speedrun.

    Hardmode – “Complete a full run on hard mode”. Pretty sure the only way to play on hard mode is through the speed run as well.

    Feline Persuasion – in the first level right after the phone call there’s a room with a cat. Pet it a bunch of times and it’ll leave and you get the achievement. Probably added this since you couldn’t pet the cat before the update.

  3. Akash says:

    For the savant key event 1, the door closing isn’t time based, there’s actually a camera in the room here too. If you kill the enemy and the camera sees his corpse, the door will shut. The easy way to get it done is to kick open the door then run back and let him follow you, that way when he dies, the camera won’t see him, and you can take your time and cut the wire.

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