Youtubers Life 2 Restore the Trends System Guide

Youtubers Life 2 Restore the Trends System is a main quest mission players must complete to finish the main story. This mission is given out by Aaron and tasks you with uploading a video that features two trending topics. To help you complete this task see our guide below for details.


Upload a Video with Two Trending Topics in Youtubers Life 2

Image showing the trending topics in YouTubers Life 2.

Aaron gives you this main quest once you’ve increased your friendship enough with him. Once you have the request completing it is fairly simple, but largely up to the game. Trending topics are the dark red topics in the Today’s Trends list. When you have two available go out and capture them both. This means you want to find the photo trend, capture it, then make a video using the other trend. For the screenshot above you want to play volleyball and snap a picture while doing it. Once you’ve done that head home and make a gameplay video with Tokken. This combines the two trends into one video which completes the quest.


Once you’ve captured both of the rising trends you want to return to Aaron. Speak to him about what you’ve done. When you speak to him he will tell you that the Trend System has been restored. For helping out Aaron will give you the NT Code for you efforts.

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  1. Jiratk says:

    i cant get 2 trending topics even when im #1

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    Dude one video should capture both of the trends i did the storm Vlog so I got it cause that time the youtuber and the Vlog were the trending one

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    Dude can u tell the five hard drive quest which the main quest from adam

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    How to this combines video?

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    Don’t work

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    Bro i did the gameplay and I even did the photo but that guy does give his code

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