Youtubers Life 2 Get the Lost FlipFlops Back Guide

Youtubers Life 2 Get the Lost FlipFlops Back is a friendship quest players can complete for Ziggy. This quest triggers when you reach the first heart level with this character. The quest tasks you with finding a pair of lost flipflops in the Port neighborhood. To help you complete this quest see our guide below.

Where to find Ziggy’s Lost FlipFlops

Ziggy will tell you his friend lost a pair of flipflops and they are being sold somewhere in the Port neighborhood. He asks you to find who is selling them and get them back. You agree and must search through the neighborhood to find them. Luckily finding them is fairly easy to do.

The person who has the flipflops is Agora who runs the Treasure Truck. Go to Agora and speak to her. She tells you that the she found the flipflops and that no one wanted them. She then gives the items to you. Take the flipflops back to Ziggy. Give them to Ziggy to complete the friendship quest. Ziggy will give you the Amateur Surfboard Woop for your efforts.

The surfboard he gives you can be placed in your apartment. This piece of furniture, when placed, increases your apartment’s value. Earning items like this is an easy way to boost the overall value of your residence.

You will need to complete this quest for Ziggy if you want to get the code from him that he possess. Ziggy is one of the five residents of NewTube City that has the code needed to take down the hacker group effecting NewTube.

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