How to Get the Scooter in Youtubers Life 2

While you wander around NewTube City in Youtuber’s Life 2 you will notice a number of scooters scattered about. These scooters can be ridden to drastically speed up getting around the city. Before you can ride the scooters you need to secure a permit. To learn more see our how to get the scooter in Youtubers Life 2 guide below.

Pass the Scooter Permit Test from City Hall

Before you can ride scooters around NewTube City you need to secure a permit. This permit allows you to operate your scooter without any problems. To get the scooter permit make your way to City Hall when it is open. Speak to the receptionist and ask to start the Scooter Permit procedure. It costs 100 Coins to try and you have three attempts.

Once you pay the 100 Coins you will transport to the Port. Here you will need to complete a course laid out with cones that goes through the area. To complete the permit test you need to stay among the cones that are laid out. Follow the cone path back to the start and you will complete the test. If you hit a cone you fail. The permit you receive is good for 1 year. After 1 year is up you need to re-do the test again.

How to Ride Scooters

Upon acquiring the scooter permit you will unlock the ability to ride scooters you encounter in the world. To ride the scooters you see just approach the scooter and interact with it. Your character will jump on the scooter and you will have control of it. You can jump off the scooter at any time.

That’s all you need to know to get the scooter in Youtubers Life 2. This is just one form of transportation players can use to get around the city faster.

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