Youtubers Life 2 License in City Hall Guide

When you reach the first day of Summer in Youtubers Life 2 Xavier will call you and recommend you improve your apartment space. To do this you need to visit City Hall. Here you can purchase an upgrade to you apartment. Purchasing this upgrade will complete the side quest. For details see our Youtubers Life 2 License in City Hall guide below.

How to Expand Apartment

Image showing how to expand your apartment in YouTubers Life 2.

On the first day of Summer if you haven’t expanded your apartment already Xavier will contact you regarding making some renovations. The logic behind the improvements is to create more space for you to do videos in. This improvements means you can create more types of content to grab fans and coins.

To expand the apartment, and complete the side quest, players need to head to the City Hall building in the City Hall neighborhood. Once at the building enter it and speak to the receptionist Lorenzo. When you talk to this character a menu will appear with a number of selections on it. Choose the a building permit for my house option to go to the building menu. Purchase the first upgrade for 10,000 coins.

Once the upgrade is purchased you will complete this side quest. When you head back to your home Xavier will call you. He mentions that the expansion will be available the following day. Go to sleep and enjoy your new studio addition.

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