Youtubers Life 2 A Waterproof Function for Nan0 Zer0 Guide

The first time it rains in Youtubers Life 2 your drone will fry if you try to use it outside. This triggers a side quest called A Waterproof Function for Nan0 Zer0. This side quest tasks you with waterproofing your drone so you at the E-Dron workshop in Dr. Ermingaut’s ER-Tech shop in the City Hall Neighborhood. To help you complete this quest see our Youtubers Life 2 A Waterproof Function for Nan0 Zer0 guide below.

Where to Get Waterproof Function

You can upgrade your drone to be more useful to you. These upgrades can be bought at the E-Dron Workshop in the ER-Tech shop. This workshop is located in the back of the store. Head up to it and interact with the workbench to get a menu. From the menu look for the Waterproof Function. Purchase the function for 150 coins.

Once you have purchased the function the mod will be automatically installed. This modification allows you to film when it is raining outside. This is very useful as it allows you to explore NewTube City even when the weather is rainy. The more time you can be out in the city the better it is for growing your NewTube channel.

The waterproof function is one of multiple functions players can purchase for their drones. As you progress the game you will want to purchase all available upgrades. These upgrades allow you to create content in a number of different locations and situations.

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