Youtubers Life 2 Go to Player 1 and Live Stream Guide

One of the side quests players can complete in Youtubers Life 2 is Go to Player 1 and Live Stream. This side quest tasks you with going to the Downtown game store called Player 1. At this game store you need to live stream a developer’s reveal of his game. To help you complete this side quest use our Youtubers Life 2 Go to Player 1 and Live Stream guide below.

Game Reveal at Player 1

Image showing talking to the developer in-game in YouTubers Life 2.

On the day this side quest is active Xavier will call you. While the side mission is active make your way to Player 1 in the Downtown neighborhood. When you enter the store head to the right to encounter the game developer. Speak to the guy next to the consoles to learn about his game. Go over to the console when prompted and complete a livestream.

After the livestream is concluded speak to the developer again to learn about the livestream function you can purchase from Er-Tech Innovation Center in the City Hall neighborhood. The developer will also offer you a discount on the title that you can purchase right on the spot. You can purchase the game right there to get it a few days early. This allows you to make content with the game before it officially is released.

Head back to your home and edit and post the livestream video. Once this is complete you can do the next side quest in the chain which is to purchase the livestreaming function from the Er-Tech Innovation Center. This upgrade can be purchased at anytime before or after this quest. You do not need to have completed this questline to get the livestreaming function for your drone.

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