Youtubers Life 2 Upgrade your drone with streaming Guide

After you livestream at Player 1 you will unlock a new side quest called Upgrade your drone with streaming. As the name of this side quest suggests you need to upgrade your drone to be capable of making livestreaming content. To help you complete this side quest see our Youtubers Life 2 upgrade your drone with streaming guide below.

Where to Upgrade Your Drone

Visit ERTech to upgrade your drone.

If you speak to the developer after livestreaming their game they will mention you should upgrade your drone. They tell you to visit a store called ER-Tech in the City Hall neighborhood. Make your way to this store and head inside. Inside the store go to the back wall next to the counter. Here you will find a workbench. Interact with the workbench and purchase the Streaming Function for 2,000 Coins.

Once you’ve purchased this upgrade the owner of the store will speak to you. You’ve now unlocked the ability to livestream from a variety of locations including your Computer, Game Corner, and out on the street. This ends the side quest and triggers a new one called Streaming.

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