Youtubers Life 2 Buy a New Workshop Guide

Upon building the first apartment upgrade in Youtubers Life 2 players will receive a new side quest to buy a new workshop. This side quest is fairly easy to complete, but may be a bit confusing to some. To help avoid confusion consult our Youtubers Life 2 Buy a New Workshop guide below.

How to Buy a New Work Space

Image showing the Unboxing desk in YouTubers Life 2.

To complete the the buy a new workshop side quest you need to purchase and place a work space in the new room of your apartment. To purchase a workshop go into your apartment and access the Building Menu. Select Add Furniture then scroll down and select Add new work space. On this menu you can purchase new work spaces to place.

What you place is largely up to you. The cheapest option available is the unboxing desk. This base desk sells for 2500 coins. Regardless place the work space that you purchase in the new part of your apartment. This will complete the side quest. To use your new space simply approach the placed work space and either make a video or livestream using it.

As you progress through the main story you will want to purchase a number of different workshops. This ensures you can capture any and all available trends each day. The more trends you capture the better your videos will perform. This means you will earn more coin and increase your follower count more quickly.

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