You Will Die Here Tonight Strange Injector Explained

The Strange Injector in You Will Die Here Tonight.

The You Will Die Here Tonight Strange Injector is a distinctive item that players can uncover in the Secret Lab of the Mansion. This peculiar item has a very specific purpose, concealed unless you’re familiar with what to do with it. In the guide below, I will show you where to find this item and what to do with it.

Where to Find the Strang Injector

The safe holding the Strange Injector in the bottom right of the Secret Lab.
You can open the safe after you restore the power.

The Strange Injector is located in the wall safe in the bottom right corner of the Secret Lab. To open this safe you first need to restore power to the lab. Once that is complete you can input the code: 0798.

You can learn this code using two methods while playing as Dr. Katherine Olsson:

  1. Give Henry the Cupcake in the ARIES headquarters.
  2. Get the Cookie from the Dining Room and give it to Henry in the Secret Lab.

Once you give Henry the treat he lets you pick him up. Doing this allows you to read his tag which has the four-digit combination on it. The combination is the same regardless of which method you choose.

What to Do with the Strange Injector

Upon getting the Strange Injector it is added to your inventory. While it is in your inventory approach the IV bag in the Secret Lab. You will see a bottle icon appear on the interaction wheel. Push this icon and you will be asked if you wish to add a dose of medicine to the Strange Injector. Choose yes.

The Strange Injector Dose on the healing radial.
You use the dose from the healing radial.

The dose you carry around with you allows you to cure yourself from any zombie infection you sustain. This means you don’t have to run back to the Secret Lab before you die. To heal yourself open the healing radial and you will find the dose among your healing items.

That’s all you need to know about the Secret Injector item in You Will Die Here Tonight. Be sure to check out our other guides including how to solve every puzzle and how to unlock every ending.

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