You Will Die Here Tonight Endings Guide

You Will Die Here Tonight ending.

In the indie title You Will Die Tonight players are tasked with exploring a strange manor. This strange manor hosts a number of secrets including two endings to the game that players can unlock. To learn how to unlock both of these endings use our You Will Die Here Tonight endings guide below.

How to Unlock the Escape Ending

The first ending in You Will Die Here Tonight that you can unlock is the Escape ending. To unlock this ending complete all of the objectives given to you by KRKN the computer in the Secret Lab of the mansion.

Completing these objectives eventually leads you to the Garden where you fight three Knights and then get the Helicopter Key. You can then use the Helicopter Key on the Helicopter to escape from the manor.

When you fly away from the mansion it will appear as if you successfully escaped, but you will then crash into a large dome that covers the area. This sets up the next ending you can unlock.

How to Unlock the Secret Lab Ending

You Will Die Here Tonight fountain trapdoor that leads to the Firewall switch.
This fountain holds a secret hatch that leads to a special area of the mansion.

After you’ve unlocked the Escape ending you will return to the ARIES headquarters. To unlock the Secret Lab ending and the game’s credits you need to complete a number of specific steps during the mission and then in the ARIES HQ.

Advance through the manor mission again up to the point where you have the Servant Key that allows you to reach the Garden. Go to the Garden and complete the interaction with Monroe where he goes through the gate. You will get a new objective to speak to KRKN. At this point you need to do the following to unlock the special ending.

As Vincent (can be done anytime during the mission)

  • Look at the Chess Board in the Secret Lab.

As Mike

  1. Speak to KRKN.
  2. Exhaust dialogue.
  3. Say yes to lowering the Firewall.
  4. Go to the Trophy Room.
  5. Push the statue to the Dining Room below.
  6. Go to the Dining Room and pick up the Broken Arrow.
  7. Go to the Secret Lab and use the Fabricator to fix the arrow.
  8. Head to the Atrium.
  9. Put arrow on statue.

Upon placing the arrow in the statue a trapdoor will appear that you can go down. Use the trapdoor to enter the area below. Head deeper into the area until you reach the Firewall switch. Flick the switch to lower the Firewall. Mike will automatically pick up the Machine Gun and will then die.

Back at the HQ as Katherine Olsson

After completing the task with Mike you can either complete you run or kill everyone to return to the ARIES HQ. Back at the HQ you will be in control of Katherine Olsson. You then need to do the following in the HQ.

  1. Speak to KRKN at your desk.
  2. Take the Brace Knuckles off Rodriguez’s desk.
  3. Interact with the Chess board in Vincent’s office.
  4. Take the Armory Key.
  5. Go to the Shooting Range.
  6. Use a gun on the range. Complete the tutorial with Eric.
  7. Tell Ashley you knocked out Eric.
  8. Go into the Armory.
  9. Pick up the Grenade Launcher.
  10. Go back to Vincent’s Office.

When you return to Vincent’s Office with the Grenade Launcher you will trigger a sequence where you automatically destroy the wall behind his desk. This reveals an entrance to the hidden lab. Go through the opening and complete the lab section to unlock the real ending.

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