You Will Die Here Tonight Puzzle Solutions

You Will Die Here Tonight top down perspective.

You Will Die Here Tonight is fun indie title that pays homage to horror games from the 1990s. Like those games, there are a number of puzzles for players to complete as they explore the creepy Breckenridge Estate manor. To help you solve all of these puzzles with ease we’ve put together this complete You Will Die Here Tonight puzzle solutions guide.

Library Book Puzzle Solution

To solve the Library room puzzle you need to place the three colored books you’ve collected in their proper sections. To learn which section is which read the plaque in the middle of the room. The solution to the puzzle is as follows:

  • Blue book in Section 500.
  • Red book in Section 900.
  • Yellow Book in Section 100.

Once you’ve placed all three books in their proper locations you will unlock a trapdoor that leads to the Secret Lab.

Shotgun Puzzle Solution

In the Smoking room you will find the double barreled Shotgun mounted on the wall above a trapdoor. To successfully claim this weapon pull it off the rack and wait for the third audible tick. On the third tick step off the trapdoor and it will not open, allowing you to keep the Shotgun.

Iron Maiden Lever Padlock Solution

In the basement/dungeon section of the game you will eventually reach the Torture Chamber room which contains three Iron Maidens. By the Iron Maidens is a lever that is locked with a padlock. To unlock the padlock you need to learn a four-digit code. The code is 4596. This solution is learned in the Alchemy Lab.

Secret Lab Wall Safe Combination

Inside the Secret Lab you will find a locked safe in the far bottom right corner with the Strange Injector inside of it. To open this safe requires a four-digit code. The four digit-code is 0798. This code is found on Henry the rat by giving it either the Cupcake or Cookie depending on where you are in the game.

The proper order to push the Art Gallery buttons in You Will Die Here Tonight.
The Art Gallery puzzle solution.

Before you can take the brooch in the Art Gallery room you need to solve a puzzle. If you don’t solve it you will always die. To start the puzzle interact with family portrait in the bottom right corner and push the button to turn on all the painting lights.

To solve the puzzle turn off the lights over the paintings in the following order:

  1. Flower/Blossom.
  2. Child/Cherub.
  3. Bumblebee.
  4. Butterfly (big missing painting spot).
  5. Death/Skull.
  6. Heart (small missing painting spot).
  7. River.
  8. Lake.

Once you’ve done this take the Bumblebee Brooch from off the mannequin. You will be safely able to leave the room with it if you solved the puzzle correctly.

Library Balcony Angel Statue Puzzle Solution

Solution to the You Will Die Here Tonight Angel Statue puzzle.
Face the statues as shown in this picture to solve the puzzle.

After you’ve acquired the Angel Mask from in the Music Room go to the Library Balcony and place the mask on the statue there. You will then need to rotate the four statues to solve a puzzle. Face the statues in the following directions:

  • Three-Headed Dog: Right
  • Bird: Left
  • Demon: Down
  • Lucifer: Left

Upon facing the statues as described the Angel Statue will drop the Servant Key which lets you open locked doors in the manor.

Ballroom Lightning Puzzle Solution

Once you have the Servant Key use it to enter the Art Gallery Balcony. In this room go over to the butterfly painting and interact with it to get the Wooden Butterfly Brooch.

Take the Wooden Butterfly Brooch and go to the Ballroom. Inside the Ballroom interact with the mannequin and remove the Butterfly Brooch. Before you leave interact with the mannequin again and place the Wooden Butterfly Brooch on it. This stops you from getting struck by the lightning.

Trophy Room Animal Head Puzzle Solution

Inside the Trophy Room there is a puzzle you can solve to unlock the Magnum weapon. This puzzle tasks you with lining up the four animal heads in the correct order. The proper order from left to right is: Moose, Rhino, Goat, Lioness.

To reorder approach each head and remove it from the wall and then place them in the correct order. When the correct order is placed the Magnum unlocks, allowing you to pick it up and add it to your arsenal.

Parlor Room Organ Puzzle Solution

In the Parlor there is an organ you can play. Playing the correct song on this organ unlocks a secret compartment that has the Grenade Launcher inside of it. To find the sheet music to play follow these steps after obtaining the Servant Key:

  1. Go to Oswald’s Study.
  2. Get the Lockpick from inside the fireplace.
  3. Go to Room (2F).
  4. Open locked bird cage to get the Elegant Crank.
  5. Go to Music Room.
  6. Restart gramophone using the crank.

Restarting the music this gets you the Sheet Music for the Song of Release. Take the Sheet Music down to the parlor and interact with the organ. You will place the sheet music, allowing you to see which notes to play. Play the correct notes to solve the puzzle.

Shield Knight Padlock Solution

On the second floor in the main Lobby you will find a knight statue holding a shield that is chained to the wall. Interact with this statue to be prompted to input a solution into the padlock. The solution is learned by applying the Billiard Arrangement numbers to the Checkmate Pattern memories. If you do this you get the solution (from left to right): King, Rook, Pawn, Queen.

After you’ve opened the lock you receive the Shield. You will also have to fight the Knight that was holding it. This battle triggers automatically so be ready for a fight.

Atrium Missing Arrow Puzzle Solution

On the first floor in the Atrium there is a statue missing an arrow. To find the missing arrow and solve the puzzle (which allows you to unlock the game’s second ending) advance through the main story objectives until you visit the Garden for the first time.

In the Garden you chase a man until he goes through the locked gate. You then get a new objective to speak to KRKN, the computer in the Secret Lab. At this point ensure you are the electronics specialist Mike Kelly character. Head back to the Secret Lab and follow these steps:

  1. Speak to KRKN.
  2. Exhaust dialogue with KRKN.
  3. Go to the Trophy Room.
  4. Push Statue off edge.
  5. Go below and pick up the broken arrow.
  6. Go back to the Secret Lab and use the Fabricator to fix the arrow.
  7. Head to the Atrium.
  8. Place arrow on statue.

Once you’ve placed the arrow on the statue a secret trapdoor will appear from underneath it. Go down into the area below. Make your way through this area until you reach the Firewall Switch. Turn off the Firewall. Mike will die, but you will get the Machine Gun and progress towards the second ending.

These are all the solutions to the key puzzles in You Will Die Here Tonight. If you need further assistance or clarification, please comment below, and I’ll provide support. Also don’t forget to read my review of You Will Die Here Tonight for my perspective on this indie title.



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