X Reached Out to Sony Over PlayStation Integration

The logos of PlayStation and X.

On November 13th, Sony pulled Twitter integration on the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. This change meant the players would no longer be able to upload gameplay clips, trophy unlocks, and screenshots directly through their consoles. Now it appears as if there may be a new change coming as X has revealed they are speaking to PlayStation regarding some type of new integration.

Prior to Sony discontinuing integration, Elon Musk, the owner of X, had expressed intentions to address the matter. It seems that the company has indeed investigated the issue, and the Developer account subsequently posted the following response:

The post unveils that Sony utilized legacy integration, and X is enthusiastic about exploring inventive integration methods, introducing new features such as live-streaming, a service the social media has been wanting to pursue since its sale.

Although the platform hasn’t disclosed the exact amount of traffic generated by PlayStation consoles, it’s crucial to emphasize that Gaming Twitter features a substantial community with numerous engaged participants. Having consoles directly attached into the platform makes sense for X to want to keep.

The reason for Sony’s decision to withdraw integrations remains unknown. Earlier in the year, Microsoft also removed integration, suggesting that including the service on their systems might not be advantageous. Especially with the increases X made to its API pricing structure.

Players wanting to upload screenshots and video footage can still do so using the PlayStation App. This app still retains its X integration, meaning you can use it to post PlayStation to the social media.

Do you think anything will come from X talking to PlayStation about new integration? Let me know in the comments below.



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