Where to Get BMX in NBA 2K22

The City in NBA 2K22 is a sprawling open hub area that players can navigate on foot or using a form of transportation. One of the forms of transportation available to players is a BMX bike. You do not start with a bike. Instead you will need to find and purchase on if you wish to have access to it. To learn more here’s where to get BMX in NBA 2K22.

How to Get a BMX Bike in 2K22

When you first enter MyCAREER mode you will only have access to a skateboard to use to get around The City. This form of transportation is decent enough, but the BMX is also decent to have as well. If you want to get a BMX bike for yourself the process if fairly simple. To get a bike head to the shop called Wheels. Wheels can be found in the shopping district area (shown on map above).

Once you reach Wheels go in and speak to the employee. This opens up a menu showing the stores available inventory. Wheels sells both BMX bikes and rollerblades. The BMX bikes cost between 65k-70k VC depending on the color you select. Once the bike is purchased it becomes equipable like you do the skateboard.

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