Where to Find Toxel in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

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Toxel is a new Pokemon players can catch in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This Baby Pokemon is an Electric/Poison-type. If you want to get an easy Toxel for yourself, consult the guide below. In it we show you where to find Toxel in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Visit the Pokemon Nursery on Route 5

Image showing the NPC to speak to to get Toxel.

To start make your way through the story until you gain access to Route 5. On Route 5 you will encounter the Pokemon Nursery. The Pokemon Nursery is the primary location for players to breed Pokemon. Head inside the building and speak to the woman standing to the right of the counter. She will tell you she go an egg from the nursery. In the egg was a Toxel. She will give you the Toxel for free.

About Toxel

Image showing the Pokedex entry for Toxel.

Toxel is baby Pokemon that is both mix of Electric/Poison type. It’s description is as follows:

“It stores poison in an internal poison sac and secretes that poison through its skin. If you touch this Pokemon, a tingling sensation follows.”


When Does Toxel Evolve?

Image showing the Amped Form of Toxtricity.

Toxel is capable of evolving. This evolution occurs at Level 30. Keep in mind Toxel can evolve into two forms of Toxtricity based of its nature:

  • Amped: hardy, adamant, brave, docile, lax, impish, naughty, hasty, jolly, naive, sassy, quirky, rash.
  • Low-key: gentle, lonely, relaxed, serious, bold, timid, calm, modest, mild, quiet, bashful, careful.

The nature of your Toxel determines which form it takes during evolution. Keep this in mind if you want a specific form of Toxtricity.

Once you have Toxel you will receive some XP Candies you can use on any Pokemon you so desire. That’s all there is to getting a Toxel for yourself. Pretty easy if I may say so.

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