Where to Find the Nokron Treasure in Elden Ring

There is a treasure players can steal in Nokron, Eternal City as part of the witch Ranni’s questline. This treasure is well off the beaten path and requires players to use a side passage to reach it. Getting the treasure allows you to advance through Ranni’s questline which unlocks some interesting weapons, items, and an ending. To learn where to find the Nokron Treasure in Elden Ring see our guide below.

Reach the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace

To get the Nokron Treasure you need to access the Nokron, Eternal City by way of the crater left by the star after defeating Starscourge Radahn in the Wailing Dunes. After you reach this location travel forward and defeat the Mimic Tear boss. From the Mimic Tear Site of Grace I will explain where to go to reach the Nokron Treasure.

Take the bridge northeast until your reach the path heading to the land below that is going west. Follow the path until you see a druid sorcerer on a rock. Veer off from the path and head left. Take your next left and you will arrive at the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace.

How to Get the Nokron Treasure

From the Site of Grace turn southwest and look towards the buildings. Walk to the edge of the cliff and jump down onto the rooftop below. Continue southwest to the end of the roof and drop down onto the little lip on the next building. Go west and then head around the corner. You will see a body hanging onto the next building. Jump to it. Continue southwest across the building.

This next part is a bit tricky. There are mimics on the courtyard area below you. Jump to the round roof building and then jump to the courtyard where the mimics are. Run southwest then turn south and run down the corridor there. You will come to a broken arch that passes over the street below. Run across the arch and go through the window to enter the building.

Inside the building with the large boulder drop down and run south through open doors. Turn west and run down the stairs. On your left is the Night’s Sacred Ground Site of Grace. Grab it then turn and face northeast. Run down the street to the far building you see in the distance that has the large person sitting on it. Open the chest inside to get the treasure which is the Fingerslayer Blade.

Once you have the treasure you can take it back to Ranni. Give her the item and she will give you the Carian Inverted Statue. This item is used to invert the Carian Study Hall in Liurnia.

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