Where to Find Patches in Elden Ring

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Patches is a popular, reoccurring, character in the Soulsborne series. This character is a trickster that constantly tricks the protagonist of the different games into some sort of trap each time they meet. Elden Ring is no different. This title out of FromSoftware contains a fun appearance by Patches. If you want to know where to find patches in Elden Ring, the guide below will help you.

Patches Location

Patches is located in this cave.

You can find Patches very early in the game in the region of Limgrave. Go to the Murkwater river and head north. About halfway along the river, to the west, is the entrance to the Murkwater Cave. Go through the cave and you will enter a room with a Y path choice. Choose the right path to reach a fog wall.

Go through the fog wall to enter a cave that contains a number of personal items and a chest. Open the chest and loot the contents to have Patches appear as a boss fight. Lower Patches health, but don’t kill him, and he will yield to you. You can forgive him or not. Regardless he sets up a shop in the cave.

Patches Trap

After Patches sets up his shop you should buy a total of 2,000 Runes in products from him. At this point he will give you a chest for being such a great costumer. In typically fashion the chest is a trap. When you interact with the chest you will teleport to an area in east Limgrave filled with bears.

Leave the area and head back to Patches. Confront him about what he did to you. At this point you can decide what to do with Patches. You can leave him alive and he will still sell items. Alternatively you can kill Patches and he will drop Spear +7, Leather Armor Set, and Patches’ Bell Bearing. You can give the Patches’ Bell Bearing to the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold to have Patches inventory added to their offerings.

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