Where to Find Missing Minccino in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

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In Motostoke you will stumble upon a two kids to the left of the Budew Drop Inn next to a Seacan. Speak to the kids to learn that the one’s Minccino is missing. To find the Minccino you need to look in an area with water in Motostoke. To help make the search easier use the where to find missing Minccino guide below.

Missing Minccino in Fountain (Mworp sound location)

Image showing the location if the missing Minccino.

To find the missing Minccino for the little boy you need to make your way to Pokemon Stadium in Motostoke. Instead of going inside make a left. Walk past the trees here and you will reach a Pokeball fountain. When you approach the fountain you will hear a mworp. Whistle next to the fountain by clicking both Left + Right thumbsticks to have Minccino appear.

Return to Boy For Reward

Image showing the Missing Minccino return to the little boy in Pokemon Shield.

Once you’ve found the missing Minccino, return to the boy. Speak to the boy and he will thank you for finding the missing Minccino. In return for helping him he will give you a bottle of Throat Spray. This item raises Sp. Atk when a Pokemon uses a sound-based move.

That’s all you need to know to find the missing Minccino. This short little side quest is an easy way to get some Throat Spray if you so desire.

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