What Do They Sell at Wheels in NBA 2K19?

As you wander around NBA 2K19’s Neighborhood, you may notice a shot called Wheels. Depending on what level you are (need to be at least 85), you may or may not be able to go inside. So what do they sell at Wheels in NBA 2K19? Let me show you. Note: Guide is being updated.

Where is Wheels?

Wheels is located on the east street beside Doc’s Barber Shop. To access this store you need to have a MyPLAYER level of at least 85. Once you reach this level you can head inside and look at what they have for sale.

What do They Sell at Wheels?

Wheels Inventory NBA 2K19

Wheels is your one stop shop for transportation around the Neighborhood.

As the name suggests Wheels is the store you go to in order to purchase transportation for around the Neighborhood. The types of transportation you can buy for the Neighborhood include the following items:

Skateboard (Level 85)

Skateboard Wheels NBA 2K19

The skateboard is the first MyPLAYER transportation unlock you will earn in NBA 2K19.

The skateboard is the first transportation item you will unlock. You can buy the skateboard once you reach a MyPLAYER level of 85. The skateboard costs 60K VC and its wheel colors can be changed for 1K per color. This is the most basic form of transportation in the Neighborhood.


Beach Cruisers

BMX Bikes

Low Rider Bikes

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