What are MVP Points in NBA 2K22

In the main story mode of NBA 2K22 there is a new collection of points players can collect called MVP Points. These points serve a valuable purpose for players and should be collected as you playthrough your MyCAREER. For more details let’s look at what are MVP Points in NBA 2K22 below.

Purpose of MVP Points in NBA 2K22

There are a number of experience points players can collect in MyCAREER: VC, Season Level XP, and MVP Points. Each of the points serves a different purpose. Today we are looking at the newly added MVP Points. These points are important for unlocking a variety of bonus unlocks largely centered around the different properties in the game.

How to Get MVP Points

Image showing MVP Points in NBA 2K22.

If you read the above and are still confused that’s okay. Think of MVP Points as a metric to track your progress through the MyCAREER mode. Since you earn MVP Points by completing pretty much all of the quests in the game it tracks your progress and allows you to earn unlocks for completing quests.

Now that you know you get MVP Points from completing missions the next step is to learn what they do. Basically 2K rewards you with certain unlocks for reaching specific benchmarks. The largest unlock you can get right now is the Penthouse at 1M MVP Points collected. After you hit this mark you can unlock VC by continuing to earn MVP Points.

That’s all you need to know MVP Points. You should aim to collect them as they will unlock a variety of added goodies while you playthrough your MyCAREER. Since pretty much everything gives the points you really don’t have to put much effort into collecting them.

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  1. Msice says:

    Do the mvp points roll over to next season?

  2. Ace says:

    When you create a new player do the mvp points start over?

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