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Once you’ve completed the tutorial mission, A River to Raid, in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla you will unlock a number of side quests that task you with hunting down specific gear pieces. These gear pieces are located on different rivers and can be found by looking in specific locations. The first of these side quests is the Treasures of the River Exe. To help you complete this mission use our Treasures of River Exe guide below.

Start the River of Exe Map

Image showing the River of Exe Map.

To jump back into raiding approach Vagn and speak to him. From raid map select the River Exe map to start raiding the location. On the River Exe there are a number of different locations for you to raid. These locations are split between military and non-military targets. Consult the map above for a general idea of how this River Raid is laid out.

Where to Find St George’s Armor

To complete the Treasures of River Exe mission you need to find 2x Pieces of the St George Armor set. These pieces are located in areas with heavy military presence. This means we can narrow down our search to the military locations. The major locations are:

  • Small Camp(s).
  • Western Fortification.
  • Eastern Fortification.
  • Fortress on Exe.

I found my Saint George’s Cape in the Fortress on Exe and the Saint George’s Tower Shield in the Small Camp in the southeast corner of the map. Your locations may be different from mine. Let me know in the comments below where you found yours. Also keep in mind the items come from chests that require two people to access. Be on the lookout for these large chests while raiding the locations above.

Once you grab both pieces of armor listed above you will complete the Treasures of River Exe quest. There are a number of quests like this that Vagn will give you. The other quests are for different maps and feature different armor sets to find. Check out our guides for them.

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