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The first missions in the Destiny 2 Season of the Hunt mission arc is called Trail of the Hunted. This mission can be started on the Moon destination. On the over map you will find a quest icon to join this mission. Select it to start the Trail of the Hunted mission. For more information on this mission check out our guide below.

Where to Start Trail of the Hunted

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Trail of the Hunted is the first mission of the Season of the Hunt. This mission takes place on the Moon destination so you will need to have access to that planet. Once you have access to the Moon open the map and select the Trail of the Hunted mission icon to star the mission. You will get the first mission quest when you start the mission which is to Meet Up with Osiris.

Meet Up With Osiris

Defeat the hive around the entrance to to get the door barrier to drop. Head then head into the building and follow your waypoints to reach the Hall of Wisdom. When you reach this location Osiris will speak to you. After the Osiris speaks you will get a new objective to Join the Hunt.

Join the Hunt and Defeat Hive

Image showing the High Celebrant of XIVU Arath enemy.

Follow the waypoint until you reach the room with the enemy called High Celebrant of XIVU Arath. In this room you must defeat the waves of Hive that appear in order to lower the barrier on the door. There are a number of waves and a lot of Hive enemies so clear them out to progress. Once the Hive are defeated the door will be accessible and you will get the new objective.

Pursue the High Celebrant

Make your way through the opened door and follow the quest markers into the Shrine of Oryx. To complete this section you need to fight your way through the Hive while following the High Celebrant. Once you’ve done this you will end up in a new area after going through a portal.

Survive the Ambush

Same idea in this room. Jump to the platforms the High Celebrant is on. When you do a number of Hive will spawn in. Defeat them on each platform until you reach the top. On the top platform you will need to defeat two yellow bar knights and some adds. Once they are defeated another portal will appear. Go through it to trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene you will appear on the Tangled Shore. This will complete the Trail of the Hunted quest. You will trigger the next quest in the story called Hunter and the Hunted.

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