Hunter and The Hunted – Destiny 2 Guide

The second missions in the Destiny 2 Season of the Hunt mission arc is called Hunter and the Hunted. This mission can be started on the Tangled Shores destination. On the over map you will find a quest icon to join this mission. Select it to start the Hunter and The Hunted mission. For more information on this mission check out our guide below.

Where to Start Hunter and The Hunted

You can start Hunter and the Hunted upon completion of the first mission in the quest-line. Once the Trail of the Hunted is complete you will appear on the Tangled Shore. From the landing zone head to Spider’s Safehouse and speak to The Spider. After The Spider is done speaking to you approach him.

Once you’ve spoken to The Spider you will receive the next quest step which is to speak to The Crow. The Crow can be found in the Spider Safehouse. Speak to him to start the next quest called Hunt For the Wrathborn.

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