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In the Destiny 2 Season of the Hunt mission arc, the second mission bears the name “Hunter and the Hunted.” You can commence this mission within the Tangled Shore destination. On the world map, simply locate the quest icon associated with this mission, and choose it to initiate the “Hunter and The Hunted” mission. For comprehensive details about this mission, consult our guide provided below.

Where to Start Hunter and The Hunted

To embark on this gripping adventure, make your way from the landing zone to Spider’s Safehouse, a bustling hub bustling with intrigue and activity. Here, you’ll encounter The Spider, a character shrouded in enigma and wielding substantial influence in the area. Engaging in a conversation with this intriguing figure is your next crucial step. Pay heed to his words, for they are laden with wisdom and directives that will prove invaluable on your journey.

With your discourse with The Spider complete, the questline seamlessly progresses, guiding you towards a significant rendezvous with The Crow. This pivotal character, integral to the unfolding narrative, is conveniently located within The Spider’s Safehouse.

When you approach The Crow, you herald the initiation of a brand-new quest named “Hunt For the Wrathborn.” This heralds the start of a captivating journey, plunging you deep into the heart of the hunt. You’ll face formidable adversaries, uncover the enigmatic secrets shrouding the Wrathborn, and unravel a web of intrigue and mystery.

The “Hunt For the Wrathborn” quest is a multifaceted journey, designed to test your mettle as a guardian. With each challenge surmounted, you peel back another layer of the narrative, revealing the compelling story that lies ahead.

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