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Once you’ve completed both the Trail of the Hunted and Hunter and the Hunted mission you will get a new mission. This mission comes form The Crow inside The Spider’s Safehouse. This mission has a total of five quest steps players must complete to finish it. Use our Hunt for the Wrathborn Destiny 2 guide below for help.

Important: Requires Season of the Hunt.

Where to Start Hunt For The Wrathborn

Upon completion of the Hunter and the Hunted mission you will unlock the next mission prompt which is to visit The Crow in The Spider’s Safehouse. The Crow can be found down the hallway to the left when facing The Spider. Approach this character and interact with him to be prompted to collect the Hunt for the Wrathborn quest. This quest has a total of five steps to compelte:

  1. Acquire the cryptolith Lure from the table in the Crow’s workshop.
  2. Configure the Lure to enable a Wrathborn hunt.
  3. Configure Cryptolith Lure.
  4. Wrathborn defeated.
  5. Speak with The Crow.

Cryptolith Lure Location

Image showing where to find the Cryptolith Lure Location.

The first quest step is very simple. All you need to do is pick up the Cryptoluth Lure when it appears next to The Crow. This occurs once you’ve picked up the Hunt For the Wrathborn quest. After this object is picked up you will trigger the first real quest step.

Charge the Cryptolith Lure

To complete this objective you need to charge the Cryptolith Lure so you can take part in Wrathborn hunts. These hunts require one Lure charge to take part in. To charge the Lure you can take part in the following activities:

  1. Strikes.
  2. Gambits.
  3. Crucible matches.

While participating in any of these activities you can accelerated the charging process by defeating challenging combatants and defeating them with precision damage.

How you go about completing this quest step is largely up to you. I recommend playing activities you actually enjoy doing to charge up the Lure. With that said something like the Crucible is probably your best bet if you are a competent Destiny 2 player. You only need to get one charge and you start at 66% so you will only need one activity to complete this.

How to Configure Cryptolith Lure

Image showing How to Configure Cryptolith Lure.

Once you have one charge built up you need to configure Cryptolith Lure. To do this open the quest screen and access the Cryptolith Lure. Push the details button on it to access the configuration menu. To configure this item set the following:

  • Prey Mod: Pick a Target.
  • Both Trophy Mods: Dormant.

After you’ve properly Configured the Cryptolith Lure you will get the next step of the quest which is to hunt the Wrathborn. This can be done back on The Tangled Shore destination where there will be a marker on your map.

Hunt the Wrathborn

Go back to the Tangled Shore destination and head to the marker on your map. At the marker you will find a flag you can interact with. Interact with the flag to trigger a sort of mini-boss public event. Get the mini-bosses health down and it will escape. Follow the green tracks it leaves to reach a flag. Interact with the flag to trigger the hun.

Image showing tracking your prey.

The hunt simply involves following tracks going to a location and triggering the lure there. Once the lure is activated the enemies will spawn in. You need to defeat these enemies to trigger the target to spawn. After the target spawns you need to proc the buff from the green glowing adds to deal damage to the boss target. Repeat this process until the boss target is dead to complete this step. You will receive armor for your efforts.

Return to The Crow

Upon defeat of your boss target you will receive one final objective to return to The Crow. Head back to The Spider’s Safehouse and speak to him. The Crow will give you a number of Cryptolith Lure related items. This will end the questline.

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    What does “proc the buff” mean? I keep killing the big guy who pops up with each green space, but nothing improves and I eventually get killed. Is there a specific number of them to be killed or way to kill them??

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