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In the tutorial area of Rygjafylke in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla you will find a number of World Events you can complete. These World Events are short little quests that reward you with materials or silver when finished. One of the World Events you will encounter in this area is called The Plight of the Warlock. This World Event tasks you with choosing who to defeat either a warlock or a War-Band Chief. To help you complete this World Event use our guide below.

Where to Find The Plight of the Warlock

Image showing the map location of The Plight of the Warlock World Event.

The Plight of the Warlock World Event can be found to the west of the Fornburg settlement along the coast of the river there. At the location on the map above you will find the War-Band Chief. Speak to him to learn about the Warlock that is residing in a house nearby. The chief will ask you to help him kill it to get a reward. Once you’ve spoken to the NPC follow the path leading south to reach the house he speaks of.

How to Complete The Plight of the Warlock

If you run ahead of the War-Band Chief you can speak to the Warlock. He will tell you that he is not to blame for the chief’s sister’s death. Instead he blames the chief for killing the sister. After you’ve spoken to the Warlock they will start to fight. At this point you can decide to kill either of them.

Regardless of what you choose in this event you will receive a reward of 20 Silver. This reward either comes form the chief or from the chief’s corpse. Once you’ve killed one of them the World Event will end giving you some XP and +1 Rygjafylke Mysteries.

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