The Mysterious Berserker – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide

The Mysterious Berserker is a special pre-order quest players unlocked by purchasing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla within a specific time frame. This special quest tasks players with hunting down a Berserker that has appeared in East Anglia (England). To help you complete this per-order quest we’ve put together a short guide below.

How to Start The Mysterious Berserker Quest

I’ve been seeing a bit of confusion over how to start The Mysterious Berserker quest in AC: Valhalla and I am here to put that confusion to rest. To start the pre-order quest you need to advance the main story quite a was until you reach England. Once you reach England you will unlock a room in the settlement Longhouse that has a mailbox. To start the quest you need to receive a letter from a character named Bjorn. This letter was available to me after completing the Bartering story mission (mission #14). Upon reading this letter the pre-order quest began.

Find and Speak to Bjorn

Image showing where to find The Mysterious Berserker in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Once you’ve read the letter you will learn the location of Bjorn. This NPC can be found along the east coast of England in the zone called East Anglia. Boat or ride your way to this location and enter the large cave next to the waterfall. Inside this cave you will find the mysterious Bjorn. Speak to Bjorn Bloodtooth to offer him a seat at Raven Clan. Bjorn will object until you complete a task for him. This task is invovles feeding his bar named Njal.

Get to Know Njal

Speak to Njal the bear with Bjorn. After you’ve spoken follow the bear trough the cave to the path on the otherside. For the next little bit follow Njal around through different things it likes. Eventually it will stop at the lake. Use your bow and vision to catch a Bullhead for Njal. Feed the fish to Njal.

Defeat Soldiers

After you feed Njal the fish a group of soldiers will appear along the banks of the lake. Take out these four soldiers with Njal. Once the soldiers are defeated head back to Bjorn in the cave. Before you can speak to him you will need to clear out another group of enemies just outside the cave. Once these soldiers are defeated speak to Bjorn to trigger a cutscene.

This will complete the first portion of The Way of the Berserker questline. The next quest in the line is called The Ritual of the Berserker. This quest involves finding a special flower for Bjorn called the nightshade.

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  1. screwubisoft says:

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    You misspelled the word ” a ways”
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    I could help write an article and perform my own accurate proofreading, or alter and correct the already written documents.

  3. Skye says:

    What do you mean by reload because I gave up and went back through the story and came back to it and yea still same problem

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  5. I called my longboat and literally just pushed the bear onto land with the boat and the bear took the fish no problem.

  6. Sarah says:

    I reloaded the quest and the second time through, my character had dialogue I didn’t get the first time, “ah it’s fish you want.” Then I shot the fish(mine was bullhead small) and was able to hit E on the bear and it worked. Literally just reloaded and didn’t shoot anything until the fish.

  7. Mark Boulnois says:

    I did exactly that have been spending pretty much a full day on it and the bear won’t take the fish exactly what this said still won’t take a fish still asking me to follow the damn bear

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