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Upon completion of The Stadium mission in The Last of Us 2 Abby and her party end up on foot. At this point the next mission will start called On Foot. While you are traveling on foot can grab a number of collectibles. This The Last of Us 2 On Foot collectibles guide will ensure you don’t miss any collectibles.

On Foot Collectibles List (7 Total)

  • 1 Artifact.
  • 4 Coins.
  • 1 Workbench.
  • 1 Safe.

Like most collectibles in this game you will want to grab them in the order they are listed below as you can very easily get gated from returning to an area. If for some reason you do miss a collectible you can replay a chapter from the Main Menu > Story > Chapters screen.

Kentucky Coin Location

Image showing the Kentucky 1792 Coin Location in the On Foot level.

The first collectible you can grab in the On Foot level is the Kentucky 1792 Coin (1/4). This collectible can be found in the hardware store after you are forced to abandon the truck. As soon as you take control of Abby head right and grab the coin off the green table.

Massachusetts Coin Location

Image showing the Massachusetts 1788 Coin Location in the On Foot mission.

Head through the hardware store until you reach the gardening center. Walk forward past the pay stations (brown cubicle looking things) until you reach the furthest one. Look next to the cash register to get the Massachusetts 1788 Coin (2/4).

On Foot Workbench Location

Image showing the On Foot Workbench Location.

Leave the garden center and head on over to the PNW Boat Repair building. You will need to use the cable to get onto the roof. Once on the roof head inside the building by using the cable to repel down the hole. Head inside the next room and head to the left of the blue staircase to reach the only Workbench (1/1) for this level next to a fridge.

Ohio Coin Location

Image showing the Ohio 1803 Coin Location in the On Foot mission.

Work with Mel to get the ladder from the walkway on the top portion of the boat repair shop. Pick up the ladder and place it on the right walkway wall when prompted to reach a blue barrel and table above you. On this table is the Ohio 1803 Coin (3/4).

Indiana Coin & WLF Gun Cache Note Location

Image showing the WLF Gun Cache Note Location in the On Foot mission.

Leave the boat repair building and meet up with Manny again. In this area you will see a trailer in the middle. Break the back window of the trailer and climb inside. Grab the Indiana 1816 Coin (4/4) off the desk and the WLF Gun Cache Note (1/1) off the filing cabinet beside the door.

On Foot Safe Location

Image showing the On Foot Safe Location.

Follow the group until you reach an area overlooking the train tracks. Don’t drop down here, but instead look to the right along the cement wall of the building for a crack. Go through the crack by the wooden pallets to enter a room that has the safe inside. Use the code 17 – 38 – 07 to open it (1/1). This combination comes from a lotto ticket on the cork board in the trailer.

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