The Huntress – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide

The Hunter’s Hut is one of multiple encampment buildings you can build in your settlement. This building unlocks a number of hunting related services when completed. Another things that happens when you build this building is that you unlock a side quest from Petra called The Huntress. Use our The Huntress guide below to complete this side mission in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Follow Petra to Find the Wolves

To complete The Huntress side mission you must first build the Hunter’s Hut. Once this building is completed Petra will mention a pack of wolves on the loose close to the settlement. Offer to help her take care of the animals to start this quest. Once the quest is underway follow Petra out of the settlement into the woods.

Image showing the wolves you fight during The Huntress side quest.

In the woods Petra will track the wolves. Follow her as she finds different pieces of evidence indicating nearby wolves. When you reach the final piece of evidence you will see a farmer being attacked by a pack of wolves. Defeat the wolves then speak to the farmer.

After you’ve spoken to the farmer you will receive an update to the quest. The sheep the farmer assumed he lost have comeback. Once the sheep return you will complete The Huntress side mission. For your efforts you will gain XP.

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