The Grimm Troupe – Hollow Knight Content Pack Announced for Halloween

The Grimm Troupe

Hollow Knight is an amazing indie game out of Team Cherry. One thing that makes the game so amazing is the developers continue to support the game. This support comes in the form of free content packs. Over the summer we received the Hidden Dreams content pack, and it looks like Halloween is when the next pack will drop. Referred to as The Grimm Troupe, this upcoming content pack looks good. Let’s take a look below.

UPDATE: The Grimm Troupe is now out. How to access it

The Grimm Troupe Teaser

About The Grimm Troupe

Team Cherry posted both an article as well as the above trailer back on September 14th. How I didn’t hear about it actually has me somewhat ashamed. Anyways, the new content pack features a ton of nifty things. As the post from Team Cherry states:

This Halloween, Grimm and his Troupe arrive, free for all players. What’s packed in for this chilling expansion? Let’s jump into the details:

New Major Quest – Light the Nightmare Lantern and summon the Grimm Troupe to Hallownest, if you dare! Take part in a twisted ritual that stretches the breadth of the kingdom and bestows the player with a powerful new ally.

New Boss Fights – What epic quest is complete without epic show-downs? Get ready to face off against a dark new foe and a twisted scarlet spectre. Who are they? What brings them to Hallownest? We won’t spoil the surprise!

4 New Charms – We’re going all out with the quest, but that’s not enough! Your charm range is also expanding, granting unique new aids and abilities. You’ll have to discover their powers for yourself, but their appearance may give a few hints.

New Enemies – The arrival of the Troupe doesn’t just mean enormous boss encounters, it also brings new smaller (but challenging!) foes to test your nail and spells against. Your Hunter’s Journal is going to be overflowing by the time your done!

New Friends – Grimm’s clan may appear scary but they aren’t all bad. Get ready to befriend a new bunch of weirdos, including one who offers a very special service for players flush with Geo!

New Music – Tying this whole cavalcade together are all new spooky and spine tingling tracks by Christopher Larkin. Get ready to feel the fear!

Map Markers – In a world as big as Hallownest finding your way is the greatest challenge of all, and you’ll now have an extra tool in your cartographic journeys with custom Map Markers! Place them anywhere on your maps to remember a point of interest, a difficult foe or an item just out of reach.

Grimm’s quest, and all other new features can be accessed at any point in your Hollow Knight journey. Muster your courage and summon the Troupe! Descending this Halloween.

As someone who loves Hollow Knight, seeing the amount of content Team Cherry has been pouring into the game just makes me happy to be a fan. I look forward to diving into the new boss fights, new major quest, new charms, and everything else Team Cherry has planned when The Grimm Troupe content pack drops on October 31st.

Thoughts on The Grimm Troupe content pack? Let me know in The Pit below.


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