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In the area of Grantebridgescire there are a number of mysteries and World Events for players to find and complete. One of the mysteries you will encounter takes at a farm north of Grantebridge. The farm is over-run by rats and needs your help eliminating them. To complete this World Event use our The Doom Book of Cats guide below.

Where to Start The Doom Book of Cats

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You can start this Grantebridgescire World Event to the north of Grantebridge in the small the small farm just north of the town. When you reach this farm you will see an NPC standing in the field. Approach him and speak to him to start The Doom Book of Cats World Event.

How to Complete The Doom Book of Cats

To complete this quest you need to find a way to eradicat the rats destroying the crops in the field. To do this follow the nearby path to the right until you meet a neighbor woman. Speak to the neighbor and use your charm to receive the House of Cats Door Key. Take this key and open the door on the building nearby. When you open this door you will reveal a number of cats inside the house. The cats will leave the house and begin to patrol the fields.

With the cats in the field head back to the NPC we spoke to earlier. Tell him the cats are out now and he will be happy. This will complete the World Event. For your efforts you will earn XP for your efforts and +1 Grantebridgescire Mystery. You will also receive the Farmer’s House Door Key which lets you open the farmer’s house where there is a supplies chest and food inside.

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