The Division Dropped a New Trailer

Ubisoft’s The Division Dropped a New Trailer today. Easily one of the most hyped games of 2016, the trailer gives players a look at what to expect from the new franchise. A few things of interest are shown. The weapon customization looks interesting, the UI is unique and the story sounds Pepe level depressing. However as Ubisoft has had a troubled past in failing to deliver on over hyped products(here’s looking at you Watchdogs) it remains to be seen how the Division will shake out. Anyways, check the new footage below.

I am cautiously optimistic. However as I did not get a chance to play the Alpha on XBONE, I must wait for the PC Beta release. Hopefully this occurs sooner rather then later as the games Q1 launch is rapidly approaching. Let the hype machine roll!

Eli McLean

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