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With the release of the first expansion for The Division 2 has come a number of new collectibles for players to find in New York City. These collectibles are split up across various types and include things like communications, echoes and more. One set of collectibles for players to discover is called the Paul Rhodes Comms. This guide shows you all Paul Rhodes Comms collectibles locations.

Paul Rhodes Comms Collectibles Locations Map

A Map showing all ten of the Paul Rhodes Comms Collectibles Locations in Warlords of New York.

There are a total of 10 comms attached to Paul Rhodes for players to find. These comms can be heard under the Collectibles > Comms > Paul Rhodes tab. This set contains the following collectibles:

  1. Everyone’s Got a Role (Civic Center: Theater Alley Territory Control).
  2. Something New (Civic Center: Corner of Gold and Spruce Street).
  3. You Can’t Fire Me, I Quit (Civic Center: Apartment Complex Courtyard east of Gold St).
  4. Rikers Outside (Financial District: Billboard Building Southwest of Celebration Hotel CP).
  5. Get Lost (Financial District: Waterfront CP Above Supply Room).
  6. Aftermath Assessment (Battery Park: South of Boathouse CP Across Inlet).
  7. Storm Preparations (Battery Park: East End of Inlet).
  8. Storm Brewing (Battery Park: Boathouse CP Supply Room).
  9. Room for Improvement (Battery Park: Widow’s Web CP in spawn room).
  10. Take Responsibility (Outside Chinese Supermarket on Fulton St).

If you want more detail than the map above, continue reading below for a video from Gaming with Abyss. This video shows you the exact locations of all the comms listed above.

Paul Rhodes Comms Collectibles Locations Video Guide

If you played The Division you will immediately recognize Paul Rhodes from the previous title. Rhodes is back and serving as the Quartermaster for the new Settlement in New York City. Since Paul Rhodes is unlike rogue agents you will find his comms across all four of the distinct areas in New York City. The video above shows you the exact locations for each Comm.

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