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The second season of The Division 2 is currently underway and with it comes a slew of activities for players to take part in on a weekly basis. Running the week of July 7th is the global event called Hollywood. To learn more about this activity check out our The Division 2 Hollywood event guide below.

What is the Hollywood Global Event?

Image showing the yellow shielded enemies in The Division 2 Hollywood Global Event.

The Hollywood event is a global event players can take part in while it is active in-game. To activate the Hollywood event you need to access Seasons > Global Event Hollywood > Activate/Deactivate. When the event is active enemies gain a yellow shield that deflects some traditional damage. To strip away the shield you will want to rely on explosive, EMP, and specialization weapon damage. Once the shield is stripped you can deal traditional damage. If you strip the shield with any of the damage sources listed above the enemies will drop ordinance which will replenish grenades and special weapon ammo.

What are the Hollywood Event Challenges

Like previous global events there are a number of challenges for you to complete in order to earn stars and rank up. To ensure you can complete these challenges be sure the event is active via the Season 2 > Hollywood > Challenges page. Note you need to have the Hollywood event active to complete the challenges listed below.

Day 1 Hollywood Challenges (14*)

  1. Damage shielded hostiles with thrown grenade explosions or EMPs (4*).
  2. Hit shielded hostiles with your specialization weapon (3*).
  3. Hit shielded hostiles with explosive skills (2*).
  4. Melee attack shielded hostiles (2*).
  5. Eliminate Rikers (2*).
  6. Complete any Main Mission on Hard difficulty or above (1*).

Day 2 Hollywood Challenges (14*)

  1. Soon.

Day 3 Hollywood Challenges (13*)

  1. Soon.

Day 4 Hollywood Challenges (13*)

  1. Soon.

Complete the above mentioned challenges to earn stars which apply towards progress for rewards. Earning stars will help you rank up which unlocks rewards at each new rank. These rewards can be found and claimed on the Hollywood season page (or below).

What are the Rewards for Hollywood Global Event?

Image showing the Rank 6-10 rewards from the Hollywood Global Event in The Division 2.

There are a total of 10 Hollywood event rewards available for players to earn over this week long event. These rewards range from Apparel caches to Exotic caches. If you reach the max progress you will unlock a special Backpack Trophy for the event. Here’s all the rewards for the Hollywood event:

Rank 1-5 Hollywood Rewards

  • Blockbuster arm patch (1)
  • Crafting Gear Cache (2).
  • Crafting Weapons Cache (3).
  • Season Cache (4).
  • Crafting Brand Cache (5).

Rank 6- 10 Hollywood Rewards

  • Named Item Cache (6).
  • Season Cache (7).
  • Recalibration Cache (8).
  • Exotic Cache (9).
  • Awesome Shades Backpack Trophy (10).

This is the first of four global events scheduled for Season 2 of The Division 2. The next three global events all appeared in the first season which means you will be replaying Polarity Switch, Reanimated, and Guardians this season.

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