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The final week of the first season of The Division 2 is upon us and that means it is time for one last new global event. This week’s event is called Global Event: Guardian. While this event is live you will encounter Guardian enemies across various activities. To learn more about this event check out our Guardians guide below.

What is the Guardians Global Event?

Image showing a Guardian enemy typed during the Guardians global event in The Division 2.

The Guardians global event is a seasonal event during the Shadow Tide season. While the Guardians global event is active you will encounter Guardian enemies while playing various activities. These enemies are denoted by a yellow Guardian shield. When a Guardian is killed you will cause that enemy to explode and will gain the Guardian buff for a few seconds. While the Guardian buff is active you can kill enemies that have the red shields. If you do not have the buff active these red shield enemies take no gun damage (but can be melee’d).

What are the Guardians Event Challenges

Like previous global events there are a number of challenges for you to complete in order to earn stars and rank up. To ensure you can complete these challenges be sure the event is active via the Season 1 > Guardians page. While the Guardians event is active you will be able to complete the following challenges:

Day 1 Guardians Challenges (14*)

  1. Eliminate 200 Guardians (4*).
  2. Eliminate 100 hostiles with the Guardian buff (3*).
  3. Disrupt 50 hostiles by hitting a Guardian’s weak spot (2*).
  4. Damage 50 hostiles with a Guardian’s explosion (2*).
  5. Eliminate 20 Guardians with the deflector ballistic shield (2*).
  6. Complete any Main Mission on normal difficulty or above (1*).

Day 2 Guardians Challenges (14*)

  1. Eliminate 100 Guardians with headshots (4*).
  2. Kill 20 hostiles that are protected by a Guardian (3*).
  3. Melee attack 30 protected hostiles (2*).
  4. Eliminate 50 veteran Guardians (2*).
  5. Complete any Main Mission on Hard difficulty or above (2*).
  6. Take 5 photos of Guardians while in combat (1*).

Day 3 Guardians Challenges (13*)

  • Eliminate 20 Guardians with another Guardian’s explosion (4*).
  • Eliminate 50 Guardians with weak point kills (3*).
  • Damage 100 hostiles while they are disrupted (2*).
  • Complete any Main Mission on Challenge difficulty or above (2*).
  • Eliminate 25 Guardians with a specialization weapon (1*).
  • Set three Guardians on fire at the same time (1*).

Day 4 Guardians Challenges (13*)

  • Eliminate 200 Guardians with the Guardian Buff (4*).
  • Eliminate 25 veteran Guardians with skill kills (2*).
  • Eliminate 10 Guardians with grenade kills (2*).
  • Eliminate 20 Outcast Guardians (2*).
  • Eliminate 10 Guardians with a melee attack (1*).

Complete the above mentioned challenges to earn stars which apply towards progress for rewards. Earning stars will help you rank up which unlocks rewards at each new rank. These rewards can be found and claimed on the Guardians season page (or below).

What are the Rewards for Guardians Global Event?

Image showing the rewards for the Guardians global event in The Division 2.

There are a total of 10 Guardians rewards available for players to earn over this week long event. These rewards range from Apparel caches to Exotic caches. If you reach the max progress you will unlock a special Backpack Trophy for the event. Here’s all the rewards for the Guardians event:

Rank 1-5 Guardians Rewards

  • Guard Breaker arm patch (1)
  • Gear Crafting Cache (2).
  • Weapons Crafting Cache (3).
  • Season Cache (4).
  • Brand Crafting Cache (5).

Rank 6- 10 Guardians Rewards

  • Named Item Cache (6).
  • Season Cache (7).
  • Recalibration Cache (8).
  • Exotic Cache (9).
  • Perfect Defense Backpack Trophy (10).

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    Well you have it almost right. Once you kill the Guardian the rest of his crew will then take damage.
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