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Week three of the first season of The Division 2 is upon us and that means it is time for a new activity. This week’s activity is called Polarity Switch. As the name suggests you are charged either positive or negative. Enemies you kill will also have positive or negative charges. Engaging enemies of the same polarity deals increased damage to them. Taking part in this seasonal event allows you to earn rewards. To learn more about this event check out our Polarity Switch guide below.

How the Polarity Switch Event Works

Image showing the Polarity Switch in The Division 2.

The Polarity Switch event is a currently running event in The Division 2. This event needs to be activated from the Season 1 > Polarity Switch page. When activated you will switch on Positive and Negative Polarity hostiles. These hostiles deal more or less damage to you (depending on your charge) and vice versa. Once activated you have daily challenges to complete:

Day 1 Polarity Challenges (14*)

  1. Eliminate 200 positive polarity hostiles (4*).
  2. 100 eliminated negative polarity hostiles with headshot (3*).
  3. 50 negative polarity hostiles eliminated with polarity damage buff active (2*).
  4. Change the polarity of hostile fireteams (2*).
  5. Eliminate positive polarity hostiles while they are on fire (2*).
  6. Complete and Main Mission on hard difficulty or above (1*).

Day 2 Polarity Challenges (14*)

  1. Eliminate 200 negative polarity hostiles (4*).
  2. 100 eliminated positive polarity hostiles with headshot (3*).
  3. Eliminate 50 positive polarity hostiles with the polarity damage buff active (2*).
  4. Achieve the highest polarity damage multiplier 30 times (2*).
  5. Eliminate 10 hostiles of the opposite polarity (2*).
  6. Take a photo of positive and negative polarity hostiles together (1*).

Day 3 Polarity Challenges (13*)

  • Eliminate 50 negative polarity hostiles with weak point kills (4*).
  • Shock three hostiles of the same polarity at the same time (3*).
  • Take over a control point without being shocked or leaving the capture radius (2*).
  • Complete any Main Mission on challenging difficulty or above (2*).
  • Eliminate 25 positive polarity hostiles with a Specialization Weapon (1*).
  • Eliminate 10 polarized hostiles with a melee attack (1*).

Day 4 Polarity Challenges (13*)

  • Eliminate 50 hostiles while avoiding being shocked (4*).
  • Eliminate 50 positive polarity Outcasts (2*).
  • Eliminate 5 positive hostiles followed by 5 negative hostiles (2*).
  • Complete any Stronghold on hard difficulty or above (2*).
  • Eliminate 10 positive polarity Black Tusk with grenades (2*).
  • Eliminate 25 negative polarity hostiles with a Specialization Weapon (1*).

Complete the above mentioned challenges to earn stars which apply towards progress for rewards. Earning stars will help rank you up which unlocks rewards at each new rank. These rewards can be found and claimed on the Polarity Switch season page.

How Polarity Works in The Division 2?

Image showing Polarity in The Division 2.

There two types of Polarity: Positive and Negative. These Polarities are denoted by the colors Yellow (Positive) and Blue (Negative). When you encounter enemies they will have a Polarity of either Blue or Yellow. This Polarity is highlighted a few ways with enemy colors and icons being Blue or Yellow.

Like the enemies you also have a Polarity of Yellow or Blue. Shooting enemies of the same Polarity (Yellow;Yellow, Blue;Blue) deals more damage. Shooting enemies of the opposite Polarity causes you to deal lower damage and triggers a stun that momentarily incapacitates you. When you kill enemies you earn a damage buff that stacks up to 5x times (pink numerical box that appears).

During combat you can change your Polarity by doing a few actions. Things like swapping weapons and reloading seem to change your Polarity on command. With this in mind use the different weapon actions to switch to the Polarity you need while in combat. You can also change the Polarity of enemies you face through melee attacks.

What are the Rewards for Polarity Switch?

Image showing the rewards for the Polarity Switch event in The Division 2.

There are a total of 10 Polarity Switch rewards available for players to earn over this week long event. These rewards range from Apparel to Cache to Exotic caches. If you reach the max progress you will unlock a special Backpack Trophy for the event. Here’s all the rewards for the Polarity Switch event:

Rank 1-5 Polarity Switch Rewards

  • Magnetic arm patch (1)
  • Crafting Gear Cache (2).
  • Crafting Weapons Cache (3).
  • Season Cache (4).
  • Crafting Brand Cache (5).

Rank 6- 10 Polarity Switch Rewards

  • Named Cache (6).
  • Season Cache (7).
  • Recal Cache (8).
  • Exotic Cache (9).
  • Lucky Backpack Trophy (10).

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3 responses

  1. ChetHjr says:

    Yellow isn’t always negative and blue isn’t always positive when I hunting groups down. Is this normal?

  2. Ana says:

    Mine did this too. Except it said it was active and it clearly wasnt.
    I went to the White House deactivated it and activated it again.
    Hope this helps

  3. Bobby Mattison says:

    I went to Shepard (answered a call for back up) a player today and when I jumped to his session it turned my polarity switch off. That was this morning before the maintenance. Now that I’m logged back in, I can not reactivate polarity switch. Does anybody know how to fix this problem? I tried logging out and then back in. And completely closing the app and restarting. Still nothing.

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