The Division 2: Battery Park SHD Tech Cache Locations

In the new expansion for The Division 2 there are various collectibles for players to find. These collectibles range from the standard comms to more useful SHF Tech Caches. In the Battery Park area of NYC there are 5 SHD Tech Caches to find. This guide will show you all Battery Park SHD Tech Cache locations.

Battery Park SHD Map Locations

Image showing a Battery Park SHD Map Locations for The Division 2.

The map above shows you the general locations of all 5 Battery Park SHD Cache locations. When you get near the spots marked on the map above you will see the SHD Cache marking appear on your map. Continue reading below to see a video walkthrough showing each location.

Battery Park SHD Locations Video Guide

There are a number of SHD Tech caches to find in the Battery Park area of The Division 2. These caches are spread out across the area and require finding them to collect. To help you find each one of these collectibles check out the video above by Wow Quests. In this video you will find the locations of all of the 5 SHD in the Battery Park. Once found you can put the tech towards purchasing Perks and Skills for your agent.

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